Not Your Mother’s Breast Pump: 5 New Options for Better Pumping

While choosing a breast pump may not be as fun as designing the nursery or selecting a layette, it is something most new moms have on their to-do lists before the baby is born. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all pump. With some great and innovative new options, even second (and third) time moms may want to take a look at the new types of pumps that are available. Check out some of these breast pump options to ensure better pumping for you.

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The Willow Pump has been making waves for being the pump many moms thought existed only in their dreams. The Willow is completely wire-free and fits in your bra for discreet, quiet, hands-free pumping anywhere anytime. Even better, the Willow detects letdown and automatically changes to expression mode when your body indicates it's time, not according to a pre-set program. Even better, an app tracks how much you express at each pumping session.  

The Freemie is another hands-free pump that fits into a bra for hands-free, untethered pumping. It's a great option for a working mom who wants to continue to work while pumping or any mom who doesn't want to have to leave the room whenever she has to express milk. The Freemie is a little larger than the Willow and doesn't have as many bells-and-whistles but at less than half the price of the Willow, it's a great choice for moms with smaller budgets.  

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The Sonata from Madela resulted from the company reaching out to moms to find out what they really wanted in a pump. The result is a sleek, hospital grade pump suited for home use. It's quiet enough to use at night without waking a baby (or sleeping partner), responds to your milk let down, has bottles with overflow protection, and syncs to the My Medela app for easy tracking. Pair it with the Easy Expression Bustier to make the Sonata hands-free.  

The Lansinoh Signature Pro really gets that each mom is unique. That's why Lansinoh added three pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels, which is far more than other pumps we've researched. It's small, easy to clean, and has an LCD screen to help you keep track of pumping time. Like the Sonata, the Signature Pro can be paired with a hands-free bra for hands-free pumping.  

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The silicone breast pump by Ashtonbee isn't for power-pumping, but it's great for a simple solution you can throw in your diaper bag for times you may feel engorged and your baby is asleep or to throw in your purse for times you don't want to bother with a full pumping session but may need to take a little off the top when out and about without baby. It's also great for those who aren't planning on regular pumping to keep on-hand in case they find themselves occasionally wanting to pump a bottle or dealing with a baby who doesn't want to nurse when they start leaking!

Which breast pump do you use for better pumping?

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Not Your Mother’s Breast Pump: 5 New Options for Better Pumping

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