Brad Pitt Buys Son Maddox a Cool Gift for His 11th Birthday

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When Maddox turned 11, he did not get an electronic gadget or other item some 11-year-old boys would jump for joy over, he got a Suzuki DRZ-125 motorbike. The motorbike purchase was confirmed to E! News by the manufacturer.

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A source close to the family says, “He wants the boys to be able to ride them on private land. It'll be a fun thing for them to do, and obviously he has a real passion for bikes which he'd like to pass on.” The bike is made for the youth market and has a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

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Brad Pitt Buys Son Maddox a Cool Gift for His 11th Birthday

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  1. Profile photo of JayAres JayAres says:

    My parents introduced me to a scooter when I was 8 years old. I never had problem with it. My parents actually taught me to ride motor vehicles safely so ever since a young age I’ve been aware of dangers out there. I don’t think there’s any harm an 11 years old riding a scooter at all. I’m pretty sure Pitts wont let anything bad happen to their kids. And FYI… in Asian countries, SCOOTERS ARE ALSO CALLED MOTORCYCLES. And the "toy" Pitts gave to Maddox is called a Scooter Motorcycle.

  2. Profile photo of Linda Linda says:

    I know the pain of loosing a child (through a birth defect, not motorcycle) and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. I also lost a 15 yr. old cousin riding his 3 wheeler in an open field, hit a hole and flipped it, breaking his neck instantly. Some say, "well that’s a 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler’s are safer." Whatever! Do you really want to risk your child’s life all in the name of "fun"? Please! Would I buy one for my child? NEVER! Our son is an EMT, his father in law and brother in law have Harley’s and they and their wives ride – I was surprised when he didn’t get one. His answer: "I’ve seen too many dead people on the road to risk my life riding a motorcycle and leave my children fatherless!" Smart man!

  3. Profile photo of Kristi Kristi says:

    My son had a dirt bike at eleven and loved it so much. Helmets are a necessity and dirt bikes can be thrown off you fairly easy if you wreck. Four wheelers and children however are dangerous combinations. I think no one under the age of eighteen or possibly even twenty should operate them. Why would you allow your child on a vehicle that can turn over and crush them to death? Helmets are no help in that situation. I know two families in this area alone who lost children in horrible four wheeler accidents. It’s simply too risky and just not worth it.

  4. Profile photo of tyked tyked says:

    I rode four-wheelers and dirt bikes at 11 years old. I see no harm in it as long as they are taught to ride safely. The things my parents did when they were that age seem far more dangerous to me! Relax people… kids are kids… they do some crazy things, but they usually survive them without damage. I see no problem with this gift. (BTW, I am a MOTHER, a NURSE, and VERY safety oriented)

  5. Profile photo of JoyBrewer JoyBrewer says:

    It depends on the child. I would have been ready for one at 11….my younger brother not so much. But then he has had lots of traffic tickets and since I began driving in 1971—I have only had two speeding tickets and that is it.

  6. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    Berish- It’s not a SCOOTER it is a motorcycle, there is a difference.

  7. Profile photo of gothotiha gothotiha says:

    Seriously, why do you keep calling it a "toy" if you feel it’s so dangerous?

  8. Profile photo of SuzanneRoot SuzanneRoot says:

    Oh for heavens sake, here in the West kids areon four wheelers, motorcycles, and snowmoblies almost before they are walking. With the right gear and supervision it is a fun sport! My grandsons still love to take a spin around our property with grandpa and grandma right behind them.

  9. My cousin used to tear across Tottenham Marshes in London at 80 mph when he was six. But then his dad was Eddie Kidd’s (I’m told: Head) mechanic. Who also apparently advised Eddie that "the" jump which ended his career was ill advised. Still; it was great to get free tickets though…

  10. Profile photo of Tammy Tammy says:

    He knows his own child best and he is knowledgeable about the use of scooters and motorcycles himself. I’m sure he’s talked to his wife and they made the decision together. If they have the time and money to do this for him then more power to them.

  11. Profile photo of BerishBeri BerishBeri says:

    Important safety tips like wearing a helmet, you mean…

    I had a motorcycle (well, Honda 125) when I was 10. What’s the big deal with an 11 year old getting a scooter?

  12. Profile photo of Sandie Sandie says:

    UM @Rick, no. not every response from a woman is negative. I have 4 kids aged 9-20. They each in turn started on a small 50cc quad at around 3, and by the time they were 11 they could handle a decent size quad, and sled. We aren’t all given to knee jerk reactions, and as a women and mother I resent the implication. I will tell you tho that none of my kids have hurt themselves on any of the equipment, (quads, sleds, bikes, the boat etc) but I do have one that has fallen out of a tree and broken her hip. Not the greatest but hey….kids have been climbing trees FOREVER, shall we stop that too! I don’t think so.

  13. Profile photo of bwallan bwallan says:

    I started driving a farm truck at 11 so don’t see this being any problem.

  14. Profile photo of Tiffany Tiffany says:

    My hubby and 13yo son have 4 wheelers and my hubby also has 2 motorcycles. As long as they wear a helmet and are safe there should be no problem.

  15. Profile photo of Rick Rick says:

    Without fail, every response from women is negative. The one response from a man is affirmative. Is it something about being a mother that prompts a knee-jerk reaction for women to say "no" to anything that might be fun, and possibly a little dangerous (without proper supervision until said kid becomes proficient)? They said that it will be on private land. I get the impression that Brad will definitely supervise whenever his son is out learning how to ride it. As far as taking chances are concerned, you take more of a chance crossing the street in any of the major cities in the US, than riding a scooter on private land, especially when you’re the only one riding, or at most 2-4 others, most likely going the same place Brad’s son is going. Ladies, how are your kids going to grow up, and have any kind of self-confidence, if you don’t let them trust their own judgement? Let them get dirty/hurt (not seriously), so that they know what it feels like, and they’ll learn that they’re not going to die with a little pain. Yes, I know it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for mothers to do this. But force yourselves. You’ll have better, more well adjusted kids.

  16. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    Definitely not one that goes 50 mph. Maybe 25 at most but 50 mph is a really high speed for an 11 yr old. Even if he is riding it on private land. If he gets thrown from that bike going 50 he could seriously injure himself

  17. Profile photo of TheBoss TheBoss says:

    it’s not tht bad! if he rides it in a private land, besides he likes the kid, so he wouldn’t have bought it 4 him if he thought it would have caused him ahrm! would he?

  18. Profile photo of Kay Kay says:

    I would never.. I own a 50cc scooter myself and that goes 45 on its own… 125cc motor for an 11 year old??? No way… Instant death wish.. 11 year olds do not have the maturity level to know how to handle machinery like that. Would you allow your 11 year old to drive your car?? No.. Its the same thing.. Plus you need a regular drivers license to drive a 50cc… and a motorcycles license to drive anything over 100cc…

  19. Profile photo of Cristal Cristal says:

    I understand what Brad is doing from Maddox and I do believe that if you feed your kids passion then they would be better adults. On the other hand its is very dangers but with both parents standing by to help Maddox and show him the right and the wrong way to use the motorcycle its ok. You raise your kids right and give them all the love and incorigment then they will be ok and safe. Like my daughter’s love for cars, my husband took her to see the motorcars at one of thought parks. She loved it and now is very into how they work and what makes them tick. She mit be a great macanic or engineer one day all because my husband and I took the time to let her grow and find her self. We just want the best for are kids and for there future. How do anyone expect there kids to grow up to be the very best with out love and support of there family?

  20. Profile photo of Danielle Danielle says:

    I have a one year old. I still suck in air through my teeth when she is about to be tackled by a running group of three year old boys (She loves following boys-eye roll). However, I like to think of myself as more lenient when it comes to allowing my daughter to explore new terrain and obstacles. She has taken some spills, but she has a way of testing the waters before diving in and usually makes good decisions. A motorcycle? I’m not there yet.

  21. Profile photo of marylove marylove says:

    I might buy my kids something like this but I don’t think I would get one that would go 50mph.. I think I would look for a slower one… My husband rode dirt bikes most of his life, he may have gotten a few broken bones, but so did I.. All I did was climb a tree and get stuck lol… You can’t protect your kids forever and if my husband did it growing up, I can’t say no to my kids especially since they know the Daddy did it. It’s something that he wants to share with them and I can’t blame him for that… He has been forewarned though, if anything happens, I’m blaming him and then he will have to deal with one upset Momma!


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