The Book Club All Moms Want To Join

Listen, I know we live in a world of subscription boxes that most of us can't really afford, but when I came across a subscription box that is based around my favorite thing ever in the whole world:


Enter the Cozy Reader Club, which aims to reward moms every month with the gift of me time in the form of the latest and greatest novels, gourmet treats, and delicious beverages. The company was founded by a busy mom who found herself longing for “me time,” but either not being able to get away to find it, or feeling too guilty to try to carve out time just for herself that didn't involve anything but the pure pleasure of enjoying a good book. 

“I have always loved to read and reading has always helped me to forget my stress, even if only for a short time,” the founder explained on the Cozy Reader Club website. “The best way to read, of course, is while you're all cozied up in bed or on the couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea in hand. So I created a way to combine “me” time with my love of reading and being cozy at the same time! And so the Cozy Reader Club was born.”

Image via Cozy Reader Club

This is a subscription box that I could get behind, honestly. According to the website, each box contains:

  • a recently released hardcover women's fiction novel
  • artisan coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

  • beautiful handmade items

  • gourmet handcrafted treats

And the hard truth about me time is that as moms, we tend to think of it in terms of what it is taking away from our families when we make time for ourselves a priority (it costs money, it's less time with the kids, the husband, etc.) instead of focusing on what our family gains from it. Me time, whether it's a book that gives you a moment's peace or exercise or even just sitting alone in a Starbucks parking lot, is important. 

I love the idea of this subscription box and I'm learning to make “me” time more of a priority in my own life, but I do I have to admit that the price tag of almost $65 is pretty steep to commit to every month. However, even if you can't afford to join the Cozy Reader Club, I think there are ways to incorporate the idea into your life and your budget. For example, you could make a commitment to rent a book a month from the library (you can reserve books online, then pick them up), download the Overdrive app, which lets you rent books from your library on your phone or tablet for free (what??), or even join the online book club through the Cozy Reader Club for a community that loves books as much as you do.

How do you enjoy your “me” time? 

What do you think?

The Book Club All Moms Want To Join

Chaunie Brusie is a coffee mug addict, a labor and delivery nurse turned freelance writer, and a young(ish) mom of four. She is the author of "Tiny Blue Lines: Preparing For Your Baby, Moving Forward In Faith, & Reclaiming Your Life In An Unplanned Pregnancy" and "The Moments That Made You A Mother". She also runs Passion Meets Practicality, a community of tips + inspiration for work-at-home mothers. ... More

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