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Just recently, I celebrated my 40-something birthday.  I realized looking ahead that pretty soon I would be 50, and was reminded again just how fast time passes.  

Then, almost like a little ‘hello' from the universe my kids came across a picture of me taken the day I got married.  “Mama, you were so pretty – you didn’t have any wrinkles.”  “Mama, you were so little.  How old were you here?”  “Mama, you were beautiful.” 

I looked at the picture and although I recognized myself, I was also slapped in the face with just how much time has changed me.  I think inside each of us, there is a part of us that realizes one day – if we are lucky enough to make the long haul through life – we will be the little old lady with the hunched back and the skin tattooed with the wrinkles from time. Yet, we don’t really ‘feel' it happening.  It happens with the same surprise quickness in which we realize our children have grown up.  One moment they are 6 months old, and suddenly they are 15.  

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The creases and the signs of age seem to show up slowly.  And then one day, all at once, you realize they are there.  I have full blown crow’s feet.  My boobs have been worn and tattered from pregnancy and breastfeeding.  My skin isn’t quite as silky and supple as it once was.  Right between my eyebrows I have deep lines that no over the counter wrinkle cream will every cure, formed from years of worry and fret and squinting in the sunlight.  My hands are starting to look old, not just weathered from dishwater – but marked with years of toil.  

In those moments looking at the old me, and seeing the NOW me, I thought about things like Botox and perhaps a boob job or a face lift.

Maybe I should have asked for a few Botox injections for my 40-something birthday.  Maybe I could save up all the money I make blogging to get my boobs ‘perkified.'  Would these things make me feel better?  Would a facelift change my outlook on life somehow?  Would having my 20-year-old boobs back make me feel sexier?  

Getting older is just part of life.  For so many women it can be depressing to look in the mirror and see the ‘beauty’ that time has taken away from us.  The reality is that on the inside of each of us, we still FEEL the same.  We just don’t look the same.  And that is perfectly OKAY!  That is the way life is supposed to be.  

As my family and I sat down at dinner that night, I told them that maybe I would try a little bit of Botox. That maybe as a gift to myself, I would try to make myself look younger and ‘pretty again.'  Unfortunately, my daughters – who had just hours before commented about how young I looked back in the day – were NOT on board with this.  “Mama, you look pretty just the way you are.  You aren’t supposed to look like a teenager!”  

My oldest exclaimed with disdain in her voice – “That's just stupid.  And vain!”  

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I am neither for nor against Botox, boob jobs, or facelifts.  That being said, I do believe that we have to be able to find our inner beauty in the skin we are in – or else no amount of improvement in our appearance will improve our self esteem and confidence.  There is no shame in aging.  Sure, the deep lines and creases are consistent reminders we have to face in the mirror every day that time is marching on, and we are one day closer to being ‘that cute little old lady.'  Yet, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.  

What about you?  Does aging bother you?  Would you consider Botox, or boob jobs, or any type of plastic surgery to make yourself look better?  Why or why not?

What do you think?

Boob Jobs & Face Lifts

Stef Daniel is the 40ish year old, experienced (meaning crazy already) mother of count ‘em…4 daughters (yes, she takes prayers) who have taught her nearly E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G she needs to know about raising kids and staying sane. She hails from a small town in Georgia where she lives with her family in a red tin roofed house (with just ONE bathroom mind you) on a farm - with tons of animals of course. One day, due to her sheer aversion to shoes and her immense lov ... More

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  1. Profile photo of Francesca Francesca says:

    Good for your daughters for saying that to you! You must have raised them right for them to encourage you to stay beautiful just the way you are. 🙂


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