Bonding with Baby: An Interview with Dr. William Sears

drsearsbabybondingWhy is it that we bond to family, specifically our children and siblings? For moms, can you really expect there to be a bond between you and your baby just because you carried, fed, hoped for, worried about, and gave birth to them? Yes. That's beyond obvious. 

But in order to continue to create a deep and lasting bond, there are certain steps moms, dads, and siblings can take to ensure that . Recently, Dr. William Sears, a seasoned pediatrician and professional father of eight, sat down with EverydayFamily and gave us some tips on what moms, dads, and siblings can do to connect with the newest addition to the family.

Simply put, bonding is “getting to know and enjoy being with your baby more,” Dr. Sears said. It's creating a relationship that goes beyond the sentiment of a mere addition to the family or an obligatory roommate. 

It may be that some moms have a natural bond with their babies because of the work they put into bringing the little one into the world. On the other hand, dads may have a little tougher of a time bonding with the newborn. One thing that Dr. Sears recommended for dads to do is to do “neck nestles.” He said that babies love the deep sound of male voices. To carry that voice straight to the baby, dads can put the baby’s head in the crook of their neck and drape their chin on top of the baby’s skull and sing something very deep. Dr. Sears said that this will put baby right to sleep.

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Concerning the siblings, parents can give them jobs and responsibilities that would benefit the baby: gathering supplies for care of the baby, singing to the baby, calming the fussy baby. This sense of ownership can help the bonding begin.

Dr. Sears had much more advice to offer, including things as simple as bonding  a lot during diaper-changing times. Reserve certain facial expressions and songs only for diaper-changing time. This says to baby, “Yes, I’m going to get my diaper changed, but I’ll be having a grand old time, so I’ll lie still for a couple of minutes.” Check out the full video for all the tips! 

Dr. Sears is a dad of eight children and a granddad. He’s practiced pediatric medicine for more than 30 years and millions have sought his advice through his 40+ pediatric books, articles in parenting magazines and appearances on more than 100 TV programs. You can learn more from him at his website,

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Bonding with Baby: An Interview with Dr. William Sears

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