Body Art Dedicated to Our Babies

Do you have any body art dedicated to your children? We asked our members to share the tattoos that they got in honor of their babies.

Sara T: My children were adopted as embryos. This is them 5 days after conception.

body art
Image via Facebook/ Sara T

Jennifer C: I have a tiger for my 1st son with a scorpion on its chest (he was born the year of the tiger and is a Scorpio). 2nd son is a lion with the turtle that turns in to a snake (he’s born the year of the snake and is a Leo). And my daughter is a monkey with a tail that turns into the Leo symbol (she was born the year of the monkey and is a Leo). Two sleeping babies in angel wings for the 2 babies we lost. 

Jenny S: For my son, and it's on my arm that I carry him with, so someday when he's too big to carry around I can still look at this and remember how once upon a time his little bum sat right there after he fell asleep in the truck and needed to be carried into the house, or all the times he was in my arms to check out new things.

body art
Image via Facebook/Jenny S

Danielle B: I have my son’s footprint with his name and birth date. And I have a second one that is an anchor because he has a rare genetic disorder and he has been strong through all his health problems and anchors are strong. The anchor also has the ribbon wrapped around it and the name of his disorder on it. 

Linda H: Those are for my 3 daughters. I haven't gotten the blue&pink butterfly that I want for my angel baby yet and I'm going to get something for my son after he's born (due 5/13/18).

body art
Image via Facebook/Linda H

Sandra D: I got my daughters name three days after coming home from delivering her and I also have one in memory of a child I lost. I plan on getting my babies as babies (all 3) on my shoulder one day. 

Crystal J: My husband and I have these matching tattoos with our daughter's names as vines in the shape of a heart.

body art
Image via Facebook/Crystal J

Nicole B: This is not my tattoo but I will be getting this with my daughter's name either in it or below it. She has loved Mickey/Minnie since she was a baby.

body art
Image via Facebook/Nicole B

Alyson W: I have my daughter's 3-month footprints on my upper right shoulder. In 18 more days, I will put my son's 3-month feet below hers. The picture is her 3-month feet tattooed and his newborn feet hours after he was born.


body art
Image via Facebook/Alyson W

Debra H: Yup, their names are on my wrist and I have roses in the color of their birthstones. However, I need to get a new one for my newest child … Some pretty watercolor purple violets with her name, Violet, under it. 

Linda M: The top one is actually my son’s name in his own handwriting in kindergarten. The elephants, my daughter and I have matching ones! The bottom one, I got the infinity sign and my son had Mom tattooed on his hand!

body art
Image via Facebook/Linda M

Cassie F: My fiancé and I got matching tattoos a week after our daughter Anna-Mae passed away. I want to get her footprints placed like a butterfly and a fox with a rainbow tail for her little brother, my rainbow baby.

body art
Image via Facebook/Cassie F

Yvonne K: I have a piece my youngest sketched when she was 8. She didn't think much of it, but I loved it. When her father and I separated, she went to live with him. I was inspired to get it tatted. She was amazed that I really used it.

Beth L: I have an infinity sign with my daughters' names in it. (The picture is from the day it was done, hence the red!)

body art
Image via Facebook/BethL

Megan K: I have my oldest daughter's handprints on my shoulders. I plan to do my other two kid's handprints (one from each) on my back making the shape of a heart.

body art
Image via Facebook/Megan K

Angela H: My wife and I both have this. It has my girls’ initials (also the deathly hallows from Harry Potter and is a rainbow because I’m queer).

body art
Image via Facebook/Angela H

Lauren R: P for Parker, S for Siena, and a heart. On my foot I broke while marathon training to be a better mom for them. This was after I completed it in April.

body art
Image via Facebook/Lauren R

Do you have any body art dedicated to your babies? Share in the comments!

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Body Art Dedicated to Our Babies

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