What the BleepBleeps? Can These Tech Tools Make Parenting Easier?

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BleepBleep. BleepBleep. Do you think that sound will help make parenting easier? Some sort of warning sign that there is trouble lurking around your toddler?

Well according to BleepBleeps, a London based company it will. It’s the whole basis behind their new product, “Sammy Screamer”, a motion alarm.

According to this article, BleepBleeps, a company that is funded by Kickstarter, has 8 conceptual devices they claim will make parenting easier.

Sammy Screamer is an motion alarm that can be attached to almost anything, via metal or string. An app on your smart phone (iPhone only at this time) allows you to set the loudness and sensitivity of the Sammy Screamer.

When the Sammy Screamer is moved, it “Bleepbleeps”, or “Screams”. It also sends a notification to your smart phone that it has been moved. As mentioned on their Kickstarter website, the Sammy Screamer can be put on a jar of cookies, the fridge, a bag, or your stroller.

Ok let’s get real for a moment here. I have a screaming toddler running around the house. A simple bleep or scream, will not even begin to phase my child. I’m pretty sure he’ll think it’s a fun new toy and make a game of it. Not to forget, it’s so damn loud in my house, it probably won’t even be heard.

According to the company’s video, you could attach the screamer to your stroller to notify you when your kid has awoken. Uh, cause I wouldn’t be able to tell they’re awake by the instantaneous SCREAMING that begins the moment they wake up?

On top of that, let’s not forget how irrelevant the smart phone notification is. How many times has your child stolen and hidden your phone from you?

Another featured product of the company is “Tony Tempa”, a thermometer that is taken by ear, has a LED display and is “friendly” looking.

Its 2am and your child wakes up screaming his head off. The last thing on your mind is searching through cabinets for a cute thermometer that has a LED display. In this case, my toddler most likely has an ear infection and would go Defcon 1 if I try to stick anything in or near his ear. Let’s not mention, all I want to do is take his temp, give him some medication and put him – and myself – back to bed. I’m definitely not going to stop and say, “Oh wait honey while mommy grabs the cute little Tony Tempa so we can enjoy this moment!” Screw that, its 2 am.

Other product designs are “David Camera” (a baby monitor); “Olivia P Sticks” (an ovulation tester); and let’s not forget “Master Bates” (a male fertility tester). Really?

If this company wants to make parenting easier, they should make “Listening Ears”. A device that removes selective hearing from your child and requires them to listen to you at all times. How about “Instant Potty”, the toilet that instantly allows your child to be potty trained. Or my personal favorite, “Wine IV”, so mommy is always happy.

Let’s face it – these ideas seem to have missed the mark. A fancy looking thermometer or a motion alarm will not make parenting easier. If anything, these are just novelties. An item parents will buy and maybe use once, before they go back to the products and methods that have been around for years.

Although it seems I may be alone on this, as BleepBleeps already has 721 backers and has raised over $38,000 over their original goal.

I wish them luck in their endeavors. However, this mommy will stick to the good old fashioned anal or mouth thermometer and try out some mouse traps for fun as a motion sensor. (Kidding. Maybe.)

Could you see use and value in these products? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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What the BleepBleeps? Can These Tech Tools Make Parenting Easier?

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  1. Profile photo of Shiloh JohnsonEditor Shiloh Johnson says:

    Yeah, sometimes I think we are taking the technology thing a bit far. Soon, parents won’t even have to interact with their children – it will be robots doing their job! Well, hopefully we never get to that point, but there are some apps and products out there that I can’t fully understand. I do have to give them a little credit for the cute names, lol. Olivia P Sticks and Master Bates 🙂 Personally, I tend to stick with tried and and true, but gimmics like that do attract a lot of people, so I suppose it’s possible the business will have some fans.

  2. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    i love all gadgets i can imagine how mamis did before

    • Profile photo of Peyton PryceAuthor Peyton Pryce says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I love techy stuff. But to claim these make parenting easier could be a stretch for me. There are certain gadgets out there that do make parenting easier. In my opinion – these miss the mark.

  3. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    I am a bit old fashioned and won’t even consider a baby monitor. i’ll go for old fashioned multi-purpose thermometer as well.


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