Of Course Beyoncé’s First Picture of Her Twins Is Stunningly Beautiful

Leave it to Beyoncé to shock and awe us over and over again. I mean, this woman is the Queen of so many things: pulling off an epic surprise pregnancy announcement mid-performance, performing pregnant and somehow levitating during the process (how??), dropping records when no one expects it, and of course, giving the world not one, but two beautiful babies at once. At this point, we can only expect to expect the unexpected when it comes to this mother who slays. 

The world seemed to visibly gasp with excitement when she announced her pregnancy with her twins — it came at a time when we all needed a little pick-me up and encouragement that yes, life still goes on. And that life is double the love in the Carter-Knowles department. Although she shared a few snippets of her pregnancy, Beyoncé has still stayed mostly out of the spotlight during pregnancy and the world went on “bump watch,” waiting for news that the twins had arrived safely in their mother's famous arms. 

We've all been waiting anxiously for news of the Queen's twins arrival and at long last, here they are, in all their mother's glory:

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Image via Instagram /@beyonce

I mean really, the twins are super cute and all, but I really only have eyes for Beyonce, truth to be told. She pulled off the twin's official birth announcement with a nod back to her pregnancy announcement, veil, flowing robes, and that flower display that, in all honesty, reminds me of one of those funeral flower displays but I'm assuming Beyoncé knows what she's doing, so of course, it's gorgeous for her. I'm also incredibly shocked (but I guess I shouldn't be, because again, this is Beyoncé) that she is appearing in what looks like lacy underwear (no endless bleeding for Beyoncé, I'm assuming?) and a flat stomach that definitely does not look like anything I was rocking one postpartum with a singleton. But hey, that woman works out the equivalent to 50 marathon gym sessions in one dance routine in heels, so she's going to be a put more in shape than the rest of us mere mortals, right? 

Queen Bey captioned the photo simply: “Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today” with a heart and praise hands emoji, along with faces representing her new family of five. So, so sweet. 

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Rumors had already spread about the twin's names and somehow, the celebrity gossip world knew what their names were ahead of the official announcement. Speculation has been growing about what the twins' names mean, with “Sir Carter” a nod to dad Jay Z Carter and “Rumi” a possible link to a famous 13th century poet or a homage to the Japanese meaning of the name as “beauty,” “flow,” or “water.” 

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What do you think of the the twins' names? 

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Of Course Beyoncé’s First Picture of Her Twins Is Stunningly Beautiful

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