Are Women Being Tricked into Having a C-Section?

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Yes, you read that correctly. There may be doctors out there who are going to knowingly trick you into having a c-section. Forget that you don't want to have major surgery and that scar on your stomach; forget that you already have your birth plan in place and it doesn't include a c-section; forget that there are numerous benefits for a baby to be birthed naturally.

Forget all of that.

You need to forget all of that because according to a study published in Child Health Journal, more and more doctors are claiming that moms are carrying around a bun in the oven that weighs more than 8 pounds 13 ounces — a weight that almighty science considers to constitute a large baby.

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There is some reason for concern in this and doctors are right in their thinking that massive babies can cause some intense damage to a mother. But only 1 in 5 babies who was dubbed too big to push out was actually … well … too big to push out. And it's this thinking that really impacts a mother's ability and confidence to birth her baby vaginally, according to Professor Eugene R. Declercq from Boston University, as was reported in a New York Times article.

Yahoo Parenting published an article that talked about a woman who described herself as being “bullied” by her doctors into getting a c-section. Maryland mom Katy Clemens was told by her doctors that her baby was going to tip the scales at 11 1/2 pounds, so she ignored her birth plan (hopefully she had one!) and went ahead to birth her baby via c-section.

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The surgery was a massive success, and Clemens met her almost 12-pound baby for the first time. There was one minor problem, though: her baby was brought into the world weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces — almost four pounds lighter than what she was told. 

In an interview with The New York Times, Clemens said that her doctors told her that birth-weight estimates are never going to be more or less than a pound different than the baby's actual weight, so Clemens went under the knife with the confidence in her doctors. Obviously, her trust wasn't entirely misplaced because, as I already mentioned, the surgery was successful and both Mom and Baby lived to tell the tale, but non-life-threatening decisions about your body are having to be decided by either a doctor or by the woman, I vote that the woman's decision trumps her doctor's (no. not that Trump). 

Have you ever been talked into having a c-section that you really didn't want? It looks like you're not alone.

What do you think?

Are Women Being Tricked into Having a C-Section?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if i was tricked into having a c-section or not but I according to my doctor I had to have one. So this is BS.


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