This is the Best State to Have a Baby

When it comes to our choice to have a baby, I have to admit that I've never really considered where we have the baby to be part of the equation.

I don't mean “where” as in home, hospital, or driving down the road in my husband's truck, hoping someone will help us — I mean “where” as in which state we actually live in.

But surprisingly enough, a new survey by WalletHub actually took some time to rank the states of our great nation from best to worst in terms of being baby and parenting friendly. 

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And the results may surprise you.

First up?

The actual best state in the United States to have a baby is … drumroll, please … Vermont!

Using a ranking system that takes into account baby health factors, such as pediatricians-to-patients ratio, healthcare costs, air pollution, childcare quality and cost, and “mom groups,” WalletHub ranked all 51 states (the 51st being the District of Columbia) for our convenience. Although I'm not sure I will be moving from my state anytime soon just in order to have a baby, it's something to think about. 

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The worst state to have a baby, according to their rankings, is, unfortunately, Mississippi, and if you happen to live in Rhode Island, Florida, or Colorado, you can breathe a sigh of unpressured relief because you fall firmly in the middle of this list, my friends. 

Some of the most interesting key findings from the studies included:

  • As an average throughout all 51 states, a c-section birth costs over $15,000.
  • A conventional vaginal birth in the U.S. costs $10,000. In Spain, that number is just above $2,000. 
  • All of those numbers mean that Americans pay the highest birthing costs in the world, even though, health-wise, we are still doing pretty terribly. We have some of the highest infant and mortality rates in any industrialized country, so what gives?
  • The District of Columbia has the highest numbers of midwives per capita. Yeah, D.C.!
  • Florida is the most expensive state to have a c-section.
  • Nevada is the cheapest state to deliver a baby vaginally.

If you're planning to have a baby soon, obviously it might not make sense to move your family immediately to Nevada to save a few bucks, but the site also offered some tips from experts on how to make good financial decisions for your kiddos.

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For instance, Stacey Steinberg recommends that parents skip out on all of those “essential” items, such as the best bouncer chair on the market or other novelty items, and instead invest in savings accounts, childcare expenses, and college funds, or even just nix the fancy pacifiers and stock up on diapers instead.

So, have you — or would you — change up your address in order to start your family in a more budget- and family-friendly state? 

What do you think?

This is the Best State to Have a Baby

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