The Best Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating at Any Age

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One of the most exciting parts of being a parent is creating special seasonal traditions that your little one can look forward to each year. In the fall many families enjoy heading to the pumpkin patch (or the local grocery store) and bringing home the best pumpkin they can find to adorn their front stoop.

As you think about how to involve your child in pumpkin decorating this year, it’s important to consider their age as you decide to just what they’ll do. Check out the tips below for how you can make sure a child of any age has a blast pumpkin decorating this year!


Is your little one is too little to wield a paintbrush or a cutting tool? Consider letting them experience pumpkin decorating by helping you remove the insides of the pumpkin after you remove the top. Little fingers love the ooey-gooey feeling of pumpkin insides. And, as long as your watchful and ensure they don’t put any large pieces in their mouth, it’s perfectly safe for them to get a taste of pumpkin when they put their fingers in their mouth.


If your little one is beyond the simple touch-and-feel phase, consider breaking out the finger paint and letting them spread their favorite colors across the surface of the pumpkin. Your tot will love watching the paint colors mix as well as squeezing different colors onto different parts of the pumpkin.


Your preschooler will probably enjoy removing the insides of the pumpkin, as well as potentially painting the outside. But they're also likely ready for a little bit more. Consider laying out stick-on googly eyes, glitter, feathers or other craft materials. Alternatively, your preschooler might enjoy helping you design any cut-outs you’re going to make and placing the candle inside the finished pumpkin.


As your kiddo grows up, so will their pumpkin decorating skills and abilities. With proper supervision, your elementary-school aged child may be ready to use kid-safe pumpkin cutting tools to design their own glowing master piece.

So, which type of decorating will you do this year? Enjoy pumpkin decorating and creating this fall!


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The Best Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating at Any Age

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