The Best Gifts for Moms Beyond Roses & Chocolate

With Mother’s Day approaching the pressure is on to not just find the perfect gift for your own mom, mother-in-law, or grandmother, but also to not squander the opportunity to ask for a great gift for yourself. Look beyond chocolate and flowers for the best gifts that will last beyond the weekend.

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Fab Fit Fun Box:  Why get just one gift when you can an entire box full?  If you are not convinced, consider that a Fab Fit Fun box is just $50.00.  Box contents change with the season, but the Spring 2018 Editor’s Box available now has so many items any mom would love which together are valued at over $200.00.  A gorgeous leather Free People eye mask for getting more zzzs, a cute clutch, make-up, and more are all included.  There are even options for customization. Get a single box just for Mother’s Day or go big and get a subscription so mom will continue to get gifts all year long. 

Image via FabFitFun

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Charging Wristlet:  Is mom’s phone always running of juice?  This cute and really affordable wristlet with a phone charger built-in is an adorable solution. With a removable charger for iPhones and Androids, this Liz Claiborne wristlet is the perfect solution for charging a phone on-the-go while able providing protection for mom’s phone with room for other essentials. Use it alone or throw it in a diaper bag.  For about $10.00 this is a practical and fashionable gift!

Spa-at-Home: We all know moms don’t get to go to the spa very often so bring the spa to her. For under $100, get her the same plush robe used by hotels and spas all over the world that will last her for years. Or, go for the decadent English Garden Body Care Set with a very large bottle of shower gel and another large bottle of lotion, both with a light floral scent for about $55.00. Both come packaged in beautiful boxes so you don’t need to worry about the wrapping!  Gilchrist & Soames also has lots of other great gift options so mom can pretend she is at the spa without leaving home.

Image via Gilchrist&Soames

Jewelry:  Even if mom spends her days in sweats and a ponytail, she probably would still like a little glamour in her life.  Jewelry is always a safe bet.  This twisted heart necklace from Isabelle Grace would be great coming from the kids or the kids’ Dad for $65.00.  Isabelle Grace has lots of other options, including personalized and birthstone jewelry, at all price points.          


Image via Isabelle Grace

E-Reader:  Moms may feel like they have no time to read or the kids get to their magazines before they do.  Change that with a Kindle, starting at $79.99 with a premium version, the Oasis, for $249.99.  A kindle can be a game-changer for the mom who spends hours attached to a baby and only has one hand, the mom who spends each night in a dark room with a child who needs her to fall asleep, or the mom who needs something light she can throw into the diaper bag rather than lugging around a big book or a stack of magazines.  The Oasis has great mom-friendly features, like coming in rose gold, featuring no glare even in direct sunlight, and having dedicated page-turning buttons.  Children’s books and comics are available for Kindle as well, but you don’t need to let the kids know.

Image via Amazon

Shoes:  All moms need shoes.  They might as well be cute as well as comfy.  Ja Vie jelly flats fit the bill.  These shoes were designed with moms in mind. Not only are they adorable, but the leather inserts give tons of support and cushioning perfect for long walks when the baby falls asleep in the stroller or to give some relief to expecting mothers.  The jelly and fabric exteriors are not just on-trend but are machine washable so can stand up to even the most muddy afternoon at the playground. 

Image via Ja Vie

Google Home:  This countertop smart device can be a huge helper to mom. Use Google Home to check the weather, find a recipe, play music, or make a phone call – all with no hands. It can even be used to play freeze-tag, play animal sound games, and so much more. Once mom has a Google Home she may wonder how she ever got by without it. Or, for just $49.00 grab a Google Home Mini, which has all the same functionality of a Google Home in a smaller package.  The speaker on the Mini isn't quite as powerful as the full-sized version but unless mom is an audiophile she probably won't notice the difference.

Image via Google Store

Cricut:  For any mom that loves to craft a Cricut is probably on her wish list. No other machine can help Mom make anything from custom t-shirts to banners for birthday parties, to fabrics and even wood.  Machines run from the entry-level Cricut Explore One starting at $149.99 up to the flagship Cricut Maker that can make just about anything Mom (or the kids) dream up. Make custom onesies, t-shirts with your toddler's name, cut fabrics for dolls, dresses, or purses, and so much more. Although it's a splurge, mom will not just appreciate the opportunity to be creative but will save money in the long-run with the ability to make gifts and birthday party decorations from home. Add-on the Iron Press to make sure iron-ons go on flawlessly every time.


Image via Circuit

Personal Projector:  This one is a splurge, but the whole family will enjoy Cinemood.  Cinemood is a tiny but powerful projector that comes pre-loaded with content but can also stream Netflix and can accommodate other content so you can watch without WiFi.  Mom can watch her favorite show in her bedroom, even without a TV, or can watch a movie in the yard for an at-home date night.  Cinemood can also be mom’s best friend on plane rides or long car trips since it can project shows in seatbacks or the car’s ceiling.  After an accident, I recently brought the Cinemood to the ER and my child could watch her favorite show rather than the limited hospital selection.  Happy child = happy mom!  This is one of the few projectors available that doesn’t use blue light so it’s okay to use close to bedtime. 

Image via Cinemood

Mom-Blanket:  There is a reason so many kids have a special blanket – the right one makes you feel comfy, secure, and of course warm. Moms deserve a beautiful blanket of their own too, one that will look great on the sofa, is soft enough for cuddling, and can be washed to stand up to kids. The Lorena Canals Ombre Blanket, available in a variety of colors, is a great choice that is soft enough to put over a baby but stylish enough to leave out when grown-ups come over.

Image via Lorena Canals

 Sleep Easy:  Once a woman becomes pregnant it may be 18 years or more before she finally gets a good night’s sleep.  Through years of parenting, sometimes small changes can really help mom sleep better.  One thing that is often overlooked is pajamas.  These Chill Angel pajamas were developed for women specifically to help regulate fluctuations in body temperature.  This is so helpful for pregnant moms, postpartum moms, and any mom who has a child who needs her close to fall asleep or winds up in her bed at some point during the night.  A great pillow, like this memory foam Pluto Pillow, can make a serious difference in mom’s quality of sleep.  These pillows are custom-made depending on mom’s preferred sleep position and habits.

Image via Chill Angel

Clothes!:  With the weather just starting to get warm around Mother's Day chances are Mom could use some new threads for the summer.  Check out the pretty summer dresses from Free People. These boho-inspired pieces are great for Moms who want to look put-together but still need the freedom to be able to move after kids quickly.  As a bonus, the Free People website includes information about how reviewers say the clothes fit so you have a better chance of getting the right size.  Lysse has on-trend leggings, shirts, dresses and more.   Still not sure?  Chances are Mom has a favorite store you can go to as a safe bet. 


Image via Free People

Kitsch:  Any Mom who loves kitsch and cute will go crazy for anything Smoko. Check out the My Elodie Box, full of almost $100 worth of Smoko for about half the price.  Mom will be reminded of your great gift when she drinks her coffee, takes off her jewelry, uses her keys, and more.  This is a gift that will really help you stand out. 

Image via Smoko

Which of these gifts would be your favorite? 

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The Best Gifts for Moms Beyond Roses & Chocolate

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