Do You Believe in Magic? The Miracle of Gut Instincts

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It’s tough to believe that magic exists – that a special power can allow impossible things. Perhaps your ability to believe in the unexplainable has faded with time, but I still believe.  

I think that mother’s intuition is absolutely magical.

Even during pregnancy, a mother-to-be can sense when something isn’t quite right; and this mysterious intuition recently helped one mother escape a great loss.

About 14% of unexplained fetal deaths are a result of fetal-maternal hemorrhages.

Jennifer Juarez was 37 weeks pregnant when her gut instincts said that something was very wrong. Up to that point, her baby “was very active and always moving,” but the movement had stopped. She voiced her concerns with the midwife that very day; and even though things appeared to be normal, she went to the hospital.

Juarez was rushed into surgery, where she delivered her daughter, Hope, by emergency c-section.

Hope “was so pale at birth that when doctors tried to prick her foot to measure oxygen levels, they could barely get a drop of blood. About 80 percent of her blood had drained from her body due to a fetal-maternal hemorrhage.”

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According to the article, Hope “looked perfectly fine” at first.

“But she was ghost white. She was breathing like a normal baby, but she had no color to her–not even pink,” Juarez said.

Neonatologist Dr. Marielle Nguyen said that Hope survived because “the mom knew right away that she had a clue something was wrong. She couldn't feel the baby move. And she came in right away and we delivered the baby. If we had waited any longer, the outcome would have been different.”

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Until Hope is six months old, doctors will continue to keep an eye on her. They are looking for any indications of developmental delay; but so far, Hope is a normal, thriving baby. When magic is so plain to see, how could anyone not believe?

Has your motherly intuition prevented a disaster, or caused a miracle?



What do you think?

Do You Believe in Magic? The Miracle of Gut Instincts

Kimberly Shannon is a wife, a mother, an editor, a writer ... She is always working to find the perfect balance¹! After Kimberly received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she worked on two master’s degree programs (Creative Writing, and Marriage and Family Therapy). At various times in her life she has signed up to study Naturopathy, only to back out at the last minute, and humored the idea of returning full-time to the world of dance. Kimberly has also started 10 different children ... More

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  1. Suzanne says:

    On call doctor at the office who wrote the script for penicillin for my oldest when he was four would not listen when I told him that my son was listless and pale, and a rash was covering his neck, just five minutes after having taken the oral penicillin, he said “it is just a common side affect just lie him down it takes at least three days four the medicine to work.” Instead I called 911, and had him drink two of those dosage cups of Benadryl. The paramedic arrived in four minutes, put him on oxygen, and gave him an injection. Told me I’d saved his life, he is allergic to penicillin. He had had a severe allergic reaction. The doctor knew he was allergic to milk, many children allergic to milk are also sensitive to penicillin. Not all, but many, something to watch for. Keeping Benadryl on hand saved my family. Listening to my gut instincts and refusing to be cowed by doctors also saved my family. The fast acting and hard working paramedics, who are often first on scene and so often over looked, saved my family, God had a lot of plates in the air that day, I am thankful He was there, I could not have done it alone. My husband listening to my craziness, and accepting it as fact, not crazy. Gave me the strength to fight and save my family. Eighteen years later, I can still feel the knot in my stomach at seeing me son in so much pain, the hives covering his throat and chest, spreading over his shoulders and arms, and face. His big water blue/grey eyes tearing up, in confusion not being able to eat, his favorite activity, because everything he eats he throws up. Complaining the hospital gown is itchy, not understanding, it was not the gown, but just his skin. After another two injections, he fell asleep, and slept for the next four hours, then they released him, with an alternate antibiotic for his ear infection.

  2. Darla says:

    I actually have a really fantastic story. Similar to this but much more rare. It took a lot of threats to make sure my son survived. I’ve doctor’s faith in me saved my son and for that we gave our son a second middle name after the doctor’s first name.

  3. Dawn says:

    I believe in God and He is amazing! There’s no magic. And what a name Hope how awesome…

  4. John Haley says:

    Truly amazing. When something is not right or even IS right…it seems that women truly do have that little extra instinct!

  5. Hannah says:

    I was pregnant with our third child in April 2012 set to deliver early May. I started having headaches all the time and an overwhelming feeling to get my child out of me. When I finally got my doctor to listen my sweet baby boy was delivered with the cord so tightly around his neck he was blue and I had to stop pushing. Sadly we lost him 9 days later. I had a nagging feeling the entire time we had with him but could not get anybody to listen. But I at least got to spend that time with him and I am forever thankful. I had no time at all with our first two children. Our oldest passed halfway through the pregnancy and our second at 6 weeks into the pregnancy. Mother’s intuition goes such a long way. I knew something was off every time.

  6. Grace says:

    So glad mom went with her gut and did not take no for an answer. my best friend had the same gut feeling after her son was born reg doc kept saying he is fine, finally took him to the er instead and it was an advanced stage of cancer, today he is a little over 1 year cancer free, happy 4 year old.

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