Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars Your Kids Will Love


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1. Gift boxes filled with a treat or small toy (bouncy ball, small bell, etc.) The bonus is that young toddlers love to play with boxes and lids! How to here.
All Things Simple
2. Activities advent. Spoiler alert: An upcoming advent calendar idea will show you how you can make your own felt tree advent calendar similar to the one used in this activities advent from All Things Simple! Not into making your own? I found ours in the dollar bins at Target last winter!
3. Tin can adventl I love this upcycling idea! Plus kids will love stacking the cans up and knocking them down.
4. Super cute muffin tin advent perfect for hanging in or near the kitchen! 

5. Kids will love the shape of this house advent and that they can punch the numbers to get their treat or activity for each day. Another yay for upcycling!

6. Small paper bags tied closed with pretty ribbon and a hand-written number tag, all stored neatly in a pretty wicker basket!

7. I love this simple upcycle, another one made from toilet paper rolls! Who would have thought they could end up to be so pretty!?

8. If you’re handy with a hammer, this is a great idea! Plus you get to use the ornaments from your advent to decorate your tree!

9. If you’re into knitting, this is absolutely beautiful

10. Super simple advent made with envelopes.

11. This is probably the sweetest one on this list. A baby sock advent!! Leave it to Martha …

13. This is really unique looking! A little DIY, a little not.
15. This one isn’t a DIY, but if you’re crafty-minded I think you could pull it off yourself! Or just splurge and buy it if you love it! Just head to the craft store and ask for help with supplies if you have any questions. I think you can just us a brad to get the nose to spin, but you may want to loosely nail it instead. It’s definitely doable!
16. Honestly, I think this one would drive me crazy to put together, but if you’re patient it’s really cute!

17. If you're looking for a natural look … You could also do this with a pine branch, although you’d have to go lighter on the packages/wrapping you choose.

18. Know how to sew? This is super pretty, looks relatively simple, and can be used as kid’s bedroom décor in the off-season! 

What should you fill these things with? I gave two ideas above: filling with activity notes and filling with small treats or baby/toddler safe small-sized gifts (jingle bell, bouncy ball, matchbox car). Here are more examples: Family activity ideas, ways to fill your advent without chocolate, huge list of creative ideas, clutter-free ideas for the minimalist in you, small toy/trinket ideas that are actually pretty cool

My name is Megan and I'm a craftaholic. Which of these ideas inspires you to craft? Do you already have an advent calendar? Happy crafting, y'all!

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Beautiful DIY Advent Calendars Your Kids Will Love

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