Banning Kids from Airplanes? One Woman is Fed up with Getting Kicked on the Plane

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I'm not going to lie: I really struggle on airplanes. It's not that I get claustrophobic, and it's not because I can't handle the food — I just get super bad restless legs. I don't know what it is, but whenever I get onto a plane or get into someplace where I feel a little confined for a relatively long period of time, I feel like I'm just about ready to jump out of my skin. Just ask my fiancee. She has to deal with my restless leg syndrome, too.

For others, it's not restless legs that make them want to run around and scream. In fact, it's other little people that are moving around, kicking and screaming. It's loud obnoxious kids that make some people really hate flying. 

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This past week, UK journalist Kelly Rose Bradford pretty much said she's sick of dealing with other people's kids on the plane. “You’ve got miserable, moany people like me who do not want your delightful children wailing in my ear for my flight,” Bradford told, This Morning, a UK talk show. It's one thing to have to deal with your own kids on a long road trip or, in this case, a long flight, but for some reason, there's an extra level of annoyance that accompanies the obnoxiousness of other people's children, according to Bradford.

To back that up, she said that she didn't even travel with her son when he was younger so that she could spare herself and others the pain that children are on planes. “I didn't travel, I didn’t fly with [my son], simply because I didn't want the grief, and I didn't want to subject everyone else to it as well, because I know how irritating it is when you are the person sitting next to that family, behind them or in front of them.”

Those are pretty tough words.

Her solution to the problem? Banning kids from flights … or at last having either a kids-only section or a family section. “We've got business class, we've got first class, why can't we have a family section?” she said. 

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What do you think? Are you OK with being locked into a plane with screaming kids, or would you be supportive of a child ban or family sections on planes? Let me know what you think.


What do you think?

Banning Kids from Airplanes? One Woman is Fed up with Getting Kicked on the Plane

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  1. Julianna says:

    “We’ve got business class, we’ve got first class, why can’t we have a family section?” GREAT IDEA! You know that gets my brain wheels a-spinnin’! How about those pesky white folk who don’t like colored folk? Let’s make them sit in their own sections! And what about those strange foreigners? They always give me the heeby-Jeeves. Let’s put them in the very back of the plane! GEE-GOLLY-O-MOLLY! *SARCASM* *face-palm* She needs to buy ear plugs and pay for first class. Talk about entitled…

  2. KatWallace says:

    Why don’t those that would prefer a child free flight, pay for Business or First class?
    I’d much prefer to sit beside a screaming child rather than some of the adults I have had the pleasure to sit beside on a flight.
    They’re children – we need to stop making parents feel so guilty.

  3. Crystal says:

    Try this again…my mom just returned from Kauai and thr flights were horrible. Took 3 flights , 2 of them were six hours long and then there was 6 hour time difference. The kids were screaming some were just too small (11 week old – really? Don’t you people talk to Dr’s?) others the parents let them say scream and do whatever they want. So flying with these obnoxious kids and the parents you want to punch is a pain in the ….! There should Definately be a “no children allowed” flight. I am not saying ban kids but offer a no kids under 12 flight option for those of us who don’t want to be kicked at, pissed on, vomitted on, screamed at or had some brat pulling our hair and smacking us while the stupid adult smiles and says “isn’t he cute?” No he Isn’t!

  4. Nikki says:

    Honestly I don’t think I would mind a family section. It is sometimes easier to have kids when there are other kids around. They like to entertain each other. I have three four and under who have all flown and for the most part did a great job (my 4-year-old boy gets excited on take-off and landing). Even though my children do well, sometimes it would be nice to have other parents nearby who can commiserate if there is an altitude-related earache or other kids nearby when a kid wants to socialize.

  5. Stephanie says:

    This is completely ridiculous to even mention. People have family in other parts of the country… In other parts of the world for that matter and you can’t expect them to not to be in the child’s life until they are “flying age”. Of course no one wants to be seated next to a child their whole flight (including the parents) but we’ve all delt with it. Is it really that big of a deal for you to be uncomfortable for a few hours out of your life? Suck it up buttercup.

  6. shanee says:

    No I am not OK with being confined to a family section or banning kids from flying. I can’t stand unruly children during travel either! As a parent of 4 that enjoys to travel we understand the importance of well behaved children 1st and foremost for our own sanity. Prior too as well as before becoming a parent I dreaded being stuck on a plane next to “that kid, family”!! My children all began travel before the age of one. There is an art to pleasant travel with children. Their happiness should be considered too. Most adults can’t stand to be cooped up on a plane fore hours, now put yourself in a child’s shoes! As a parent it is a must to be prepared with all of your child’s needs during the trip. They need something to do as well. Items that keep them engaged,but that don’t disturb the rest of the passengers. Their favorite snacks and spill proof drinks. If at all possible plan their naps around your flight/vice versa. If you know your child is at their crankiest early morning, DONT BOOK AN EARLY MORNING FLIGHT, sounds simple enough. It’s funny people always want to avoid children on flights, well NEWS FLASH, there are many types of adults that I wish to avoid during travel as well. Will we make a special section for the rude, obnoxious, loud, smelly, snoring, undergroomed, over perfumed, overfriendly, talkative, in flight rule breaking, pet carrying adult? If so then OK I will be fine with being lumped into a family section….
    I have actually always been told by other passengers how well mannered and pleasant my children were inflighy. Many were shocked that they slept the whole trip or how well they kept themselves quietly entertained. My issue was usually other adults interacting with my kids not the other way around.

    • Crystal says:

      If parents actually did this there wouldn’t be a problem. There should be a special flight offered that has no kids under 12. Then if you don’t want to be stuck with screaming kids you have that choice.

    • chrissy says:

      I love this response and totally agree. You go girl! We too have traveled with my oldest son when he was less than a year old to visit great grandparents. If you plan and pack the stuff you need it shouldn’t be that bad. We to believe in teaching kids how to behave and my children are very well mannered. He was quiet and slept through most of the flight there and back. We had wonderful flight attendants who gave him extra cookies just cause he was so good and cute. I too would not want to be lumped into a family section with other people’s obnoxious kids. We don’t allow that behavior. We now have 3kids. 5, 2, and 3mths. I can take my kids anywhere and I have people approach me asking how I get them to stay with me and how well mannered they are. Yes my kids have bad days and yes sometimes we have melt downs they are kids. I understand why people don’t want to be on a flight with obnoxious kids unfortunately as good as an ides this seems your gonna punish those of us who have kids that can’t stand those people too and expect better from our own kids. There’s really no win except to suck it up just like dealing with rude obnoxious people we encounter everyday.

    • Stephanie says:

      Can we please have a section for the people with horrible breath?

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