Why This Mom Wishes She Could Perfect the Art of Baking Bread

Why This Mom Wishes She Could Perfect the Art of Baking Bread Picture

I love bread. To me, there is nothing that smells better (okay, maybe fresh cookies) than a loaf that is warm, just out of the oven, ready for me to gnaw on. I can eat it with butter or without, doesn’t matter.

Which is probably why I have always wanted to bake bread. Good bread. Delicious bread. The kind of bread I buy in the bakery when I grocery shop; only made at my house, on my counter, with my hands (and my children’s, of course), during a long, lazy Sunday. You know, the loaf that fills the house with its aroma?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the bread baking gene. Or, I just have yet to perfect it.

I attempted homemade bread again this weekend. Since we love bread so much, I keep trying to learn how to bake it at home. I envision myself wearing an apron (guess I need to get one of those!) and smiling and humming as I pull out a ‘Loaf of Perfection’ from the oven. (Is that a little too Leave it to Beaverish?!) Only problem? Mine always ends up hard and tasting like, well, flour and not much else.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve followed many recipes. I’ve bought different flours. I’ve baked it at the stated temperature and for the stated amount of time, but every single loaf is as tough as a football and about as appetizing.

Yet I still try.

It’s not that I think we’d save a ton of money by baking my own bread, though I do feel if I compare how much a loaf costs – $1.79 is as cheap as I can get bread unless there is a BOGO sale – I do believe we’d save a few dollars if I could actually bake an edible loaf. Plus, as I stated above, I like the idea of baking bread.

Still, no luck.

So I’m throwing this out to you. Do you bake bread? If so, what is your favorite bread baking recipe? Please post! I need ones that go in my oven, not a bread machine, as I ditched the bread machine years ago. I’d love a great recipe for French and Italian bread, as well as for regular old sandwich style.

What do you think?

Why This Mom Wishes She Could Perfect the Art of Baking Bread

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  2. Profile photo of Andrea Andrea says:

    Having grown up watching my mom bake bread every weekend, I grew up feeling like bread baking was second nature. I often feel like one of the greatest gifts my mom gave me was the love of crafting bread. That said, I now have a 3 month old and am kind of mourning the loss of time with my hands in bread dough. Recently, my mom sent me a copy of "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" and it’s really fantastic. The bread is wonderful and, seriously, anyone can do it. Get the book!

  3. I’m not sure what is going wrong in your attempts (first thoughts are that your yeast isn’t processing enough), but my girls and I love to make bread together. We make rolls most of the time and since we have our own garden with a load of carrots every year we especially love making carrot buns. We’ll make 6 dozen at a time and freeze the ones we won’t eat right away for later. They don’t taste like carrots, but the carrot makes the bread a touch sweeter – and if you want to go to the sweet side – throw some cinnamon and sugar on top and you’ve got a super tasty treat that also gives your kids some vegetables =)


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