Back to School with a New Kind of School Spirit

Back to School with a New Kind of School Spirit Picture

Home is our haven, a place where we have a strong sense of self and where we feel comfortable and safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could feel that way everywhere we go?

Our children spend so much of their day in the classroom that it is important that we contribute to a new kind of school spirit, one that nurtures and encourages students to succeed. The benefits to the students, teachers and the parents are clearly evident! Would your school get all “A’s”?

“A” for ATTITUDE: A school with spirit has an attitude of respect that works all the way around from teachers, students, administrators, and staff. Students feel free to approach any adult with questions and feel confident that their needs are being met. Teachers and staff feel that their efforts are appreciated and their skills are valued.

“A” for AWARENESS: A school with spirit has an awareness of learning styles and learning differences and works to accommodate all of its students. Teachers use “multi-sensory” techniques and unique presentations.

“A” for ATMOSPHERE: A school with spirit has an atmosphere of care in every classroom and every corner. Students participate in the well being of the campus. Everyone recognizes that they belong and are well cared for, as are the plants, pets, and learning materials.

“A” for ATTENTION: A school with spirit pays attention to the student’s individuality. Each child is encouraged to pursue his/her interests and build on his/her strengths. Students work with each other to develop their skills and share their experiences.

“A” for ACTION: A school with spirit takes an active role in the community. Students learn that they are a part of the “big picture” and that they have a lot to contribute to the world. Teachers and staff focus on solutions rather than problems and take steps to involve students in important decisions that affect their school.

Do you consider your school an “A” school? 

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Back to School with a New Kind of School Spirit

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