6 Back to School Shopping Tips: For Mom!

6 Back to School Shopping Tips: For Mom! Picture

We're busy going back to school shopping for our kids clothes… but Mom, don't forget about you! It can be a hassle worrying about fashion, but it really is a must.

Here are some tips to help get you back in style if you've been focused on the kids for too long:

  • Forget about "trendy" and start thinking "classic" and "updated." Trendy is for teens, and something you buy that is "in" this season may be out next season. What you really want are age-appropriate clothes that fit and are stylish so that you both feel good and look good.
  • Yes, kids are messy – life is messy! Choose fabrics that are washable and easy to care for. You don't need to be spending money on dry cleaning and adding one more thing to your "to do" list.
  • Skip the sweats. I know it's tempting to just be comfortable – but sweats look sloppy. You will look much more pulled together in separates.
  • When you find a pair of pants or a tee shirt or a sweater that works for you, buy it in every color! Then mix and match with the other separates and you basically have a uniform. For example, capris in khaki, black, and white + tees in white, black, and blue = nine different "nothing to think about" outfits.
  • Shop online. This way you don't have to haul the kids out to the mall and into the dressing room to create havoc while you attempt to try on clothes. Sites like oldnavy.com have really affordable clothes, often on sale, which fit your lifestyle.
  • You can add some trendy style if you choose with comfortable and colorful sneakers like Vans or Skechers.

Remember that you are setting an example for your kids. Take care of yourself, know that you are worth it, and they will learn to take care of themselves, too.

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6 Back to School Shopping Tips: For Mom!

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