Did Your Baby’s Lovey Go Missing? Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do.

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At around 6-12 months of age, many babies begin to form an attachment to a comfort item. This item might be a special blanket, a taggy square, or a stuffed animal. Often, once your little one has become attached to their special item (their lovey) they begin to rely on it to soothe them when they're upset or to help them go to sleep. So, what happens if your baby loses their lovey? Check out the tips below for how to deal if you’re suddenly without your baby’s lovey.

Bring out the replacement

If your little one has a much-loved comfort item, consider purchasing a replacement before it goes missing. This extra lovey can be swapped out for the regular whenever it’s dirty. Or it can serve as a replacement in case the original goes missing. When you notice your baby is starting to get comfort from an item, head to the store and grab a replacement before the item sells out.

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Retrace your steps

When you lose something, the best thing you can do is retrace your steps. Maybe you lost your baby’s lovey at the mall or at the zoo. If so, there’s a good chance another parent (who knows how important a lovey is) picked it up and put it in lost and found. Call around to the places you’ve been and you might just find your baby’s lovey!

Figure out what it was about the item that they loved

Some kids are attached to the feel of an item, while other like the shape. If your baby had a special blanket they might not have cared about the pattern as much as the feel of the tag. If they have a stuffed animal filled with thick stuffing they might have been partial to the weight, not to the animal itself. Consider figuring out what your kiddo liked about their lovey and buying something that replicates that quality.

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Have you lost a lovey? How did you deal? 


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Did Your Baby’s Lovey Go Missing? Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do.

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