Don’t Let Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Pass Without Snapping These Pictures!

During a baby’s first year of life, they’ll have all kinds of firsts. First baths, first foods, first visits, and first holidays. While some firsts feel more important than others, parents often like to document them all with a picture or two to remember the day. If this is your baby’s first Valentine's Day, you might already be planning to take a few sweet pictures- check out the list below for some oh-so-adorable Valentine’s Day inspiration!

first valentine's

The “Smushed-Between-Mom-And-Dad” shot

To create this classic image you might need an extra set of hands to actually take the picture. Place your baby between you and your partner, facing the camera and, when everyone is ready, simultaneously kiss your baby on their cheeks. Your baby will love the kisses and you’ll end up with a very cute picture to treasure as they grow.

The “Covered-in kisses” shot

This image is oh-so-sweet but a little bit more challenging to create than the one above. It also probably works best with a baby who is not yet mobile. To create the “covered-in-kisses” shot, lay your baby on a soft, comfortable surface in just their diaper or a diaper cover. Then, put on your favorite lipstick and cover their cheek and tummy with bright red kisses. Snap a few photos and you’re all done!

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The “Little-Cupid” shot

This shot takes a few more props than the others but the result is very worth it. Order some sweet angel wings and a plush bow and arrows and dress your baby in just their diaper or a diaper cover. Choose a neutral background and snap away as your little cupid explores their surroundings.

The Valentine’s Day outfit shot

These days there are special outfits for almost any occasions, first Valentine's Day included. Whether you prefer smocked duds, sweet dresses, or adorable overalls, choose a Valentine’s Day outfit and head outdoors for some cute images. To keep it simple, consider dressing your little one in jeans and a red or pink top and adding a bow or bowtie to complete the outfit.

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Don’t Let Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Pass Without Snapping These Pictures!

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