What Should Go in Your Baby’s First Easter Basket?

If this will by baby’s first Easter, you’re might be wondering if you should put together an Easter basket for them. You probably know that they won’t remember the occasion and that they don’t need a set of fuzzy bunny ears, but celebrating first holidays and starting new traditions is a lot of fun.  

If you decide to make an Easter basket for your little one, you’re probably going to have to get creative, as most Easter-themed toys and games are designed for older toddler and kids. Check out the ideas below for awesome basket-fillers for your baby’s first Easter basket.

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My First Easter” outfit

Usually, before the red hearts and glittered cards have even been removed from store shelves, Easter items begin to appear. Shop early to grab an outfit you know your sweetie will rock. Whether it’s a simple onesie printed with bunnies or a more formal outfit, don’t hesitate to place your baby’s first Easter outfit in their Easter basket.

A new treat

If your little one is under six months old, they likely aren’t eating any solids yet. If your babe is older though, consider slipping a new treat in their basket. Whether it’s teething cookies, yogurt drops, or just their favorite puree, your little one's eyes will light up as soon as they see something sweet to eat!

A sweet teether

If you’ve got an infant, chances are they’re in some stage of teething (almost teething, actively teething, or waiting for the next round of teething.) This Easter, snap up a sweet, spring-themed teether to put in their basket.

A spring book

Most babies love nothing more than snuggling up with a loving caregiver for story time. If your family is religious, consider purchasing your babe a book about the holiday itself. If you’re not religious, consider putting a book about bunnies or chicks or other sweet spring animals in your little one's basket.

A cuddly friend

Whether your baby is a few days old or almost ready to turn one, they’ll love touching the soft fur of a brand new stuffed animal. Baby should never sleep with a stuffed animal in their crib but they can snuggle up with their new toy all day as they play, read and hang out in your arms.

Something for you!

While the Easter basket is for your little one, there’s no harm in putting in something for you and the other grown ups in your life. Consider adding some sweet treats, like Mrs. Fields Easter cookies or a favorite candy bar to enjoy on Easter afternoon.

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What Should Go in Your Baby’s First Easter Basket?

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