A Baby Toy That Is Both Annoying and … Dangerous?

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A project team from the Netherlands has created a device that will forever litter your Facebook News Feed with photos of babies in their natural habitats — their cribs.

The New Born Fame project, a social-media-minded contraption, was built by Laura Cornet, a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and reflects and questions a vision for the future of the selfie! I'm still not exactly sure what the rationale behind putting this sort of thing together was, but Ms. Cornet thought that, before such a trinket was invented, there just was no way for a baby to upload photos to Facebook or Twitter by his or her own power, “and the baby couldn't make a choice.”

What a conundrum!

Why wouldn't you want a toy that could ingrain narcissism at such a young age? And why wouldn't you want a toy that could give the location of your child and exactly when he is at that location?

Uh. Yikes.

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Why on earth would you want any sort of gizmo that would upload the exact location of your baby, photos, videos, and status updates without the, I don't know, discretion of a fully developed brain?

Child predators are out there, and if your child is uploading photos and locations of him or herself, your child is essentially putting a target on his or her own head. I don't want to sound fatalistic or even crass, but this is really scary stuff.

Plus, I don't want any of my friends buying one of these things because I'm not a huge fan of seeing crying babies and boogery noses randomly uploaded to my news feed. I see enough mushy relationship stuff on Facebook that I don't need to see mushy nose content either.

There is one thing about this article that actually makes me chuckle. The author noted that “the New Born Fame project raises questions about who owns the right to put pictures of a baby in the public domain by posting it to the internet.” It was noted that “Although initially undertaken as a project to raise awareness to these issues, Cornet has not ruled out the possibility of commercializing the toys.” 

What do you think? Is this something you'd be willing to dump money on? 

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What do you think?

A Baby Toy That Is Both Annoying and … Dangerous?

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