Check Out These Tips to Get Your Baby Ready for the Beach or Pool!

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Summer is here! Many families are headed to the pool or beach with a little one. So it is important to get your little one ready for the water. If introduced early, children take to water like little ducks. Water safety should be introduced right along with baby's first trip to the beach or first time poolside.  

These tips from Bambino Mio can help ensure a safe and fun trip by the water is had by all!

Tip #1 — Water is Fun! 

Swimming is the perfect way to bond with your baby and boost their confidence, so introducing the benefits of swimming early is ideal.  Use bath time to get babies used to the notion of playing in the water.

The more they experience the senses of swishing, splashing, and waves as fun, the easier a transition to a pool or the sea will be easier for everyone involved. The movements of the water, noises, colors, and splashes in the bath will be similar to a pool environment. This will help sensory development and prepare your little one for the new environment when all of their senses will be working at the same time. Start with the bathtub and move your way up to the baby pool, beach, and beyond!

Tip #2 — Be Prepared!

Going to the pool or the beach is a treat, so make sure you have everything you might need in your swim bag, including reusable swim diapers. Nothing ends a trip to the pool faster than a leaky swim diaper.

Look for adjustable waistbands, a water resistant layer, and leak-proof elasticized legs to ensure that there are no accidents in the pool. The ideal swim diaper is lightweight and compact so will not weigh your baby down in the water and they are less expensive than ones that need to be replaced constantly.  

Tip #3 — Use Adequate Sunscreen and Reapply!

Baby’s skin is very sensitive so it’s vital to remember to use a good quality, water resistant sunscreen. Apply to baby’s exposed skin at least thirty minutes before going out in the sun and don’t forget to re-apply regularly throughout the day, or after swimming. Even water resistant formulas come off eventually. Add a hat and sunglasses (if your baby will keep them on) and your baby will be well protected from the harmful effects of UVA / UVB sun rays.

beach, swim diaper
Image via Bambino Mio

Tip #4 — Make Sure Your Baby Doesn’t Get Cold

It might seem counterintuitive to worry about baby cooling off in the summer sun, but water, whether at the pool or at the beach, can be much colder than the outside air temperature. An ideal water temperature is 89 degrees F. but anything less and you’ll find that it doesn’t take baby long to lose heat and start to shiver a little. 

Keep your pool or water sessions short to start with, 10 or 15 minutes at most. Then pop your baby out and dry them off with a hooded towel, so they stay cozy and warm. Having more than one swim diaper ensures that you can stay at the beach all day and keep baby warm and dry, too.

Tip #5 — Know the Rules!

beach, swim diaper
Image via Bambino Mio

Check with your local pool before packing up and heading over in regards to their policies: How many children per adult they allow, what they consider an acceptable floatation device, whether you can bring your own toys, and how deep into the pool you can go with your children. Most pools are clear about their rules and policies, in writing, so familiarize yourself to avoid disappointment!

With a little planning and packing, you’ll have a great time at the beach or by the pool with your little one this summer!

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Check Out These Tips to Get Your Baby Ready for the Beach or Pool!

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