Pregnant With Baby Number Two? Don’t Forget to Commemorate Your Pregnancy!

 When you start telling people that you’re pregnant with baby number two, you’ll likely hear all kinds of opinions and advice. You’ll hear the range of opinions on how you should feed, dress, and parent your soon-to-be baby that probably heard the first time around but, this time, you’ll also hear lots of opinions about how to parent two kids at once.
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While most advice is take-it or leave-it based on your own parenting style and preferences, there’s one piece you’ll be glad you listened to: Don’t forget to take pictures. For many moms, the second pregnancy seems to rush by much faster than their first. And running after a toddler or preschooler can make it challenging to sit down and commemorate your pregnancy. Don’t let business keep you from documenting this beautiful time. Baby number two will thank you when they grow up and have mementos to look back on!

Check out the tips below for documenting your pregnancy with baby number two!

Don’t worry about a perfect picture

Even if you don’t have time your style yourself perfectly or slip into your cutest maternity clothes, do your best to take a picture of you and your sweet, growing belly every couple of weeks. Make it easy for your pictures to feel connected by posing in a similar outfit or at the same place in your home but, if you miss a week or two or can’t find the black shirt you’ve been wearing in all of your previous pictures, take the picture anyway!

Send them an email

While you may have loved keeping a detailed pregnancy journal for your first, doing so for your second can be tough. Instead of hand-writing milestones (like that first kick!), consider setting up an email account for your baby and send pictures and quick notes directly to them!

Journals don’t have to be complete to be meaningful

If email isn’t your style, consider picking up a cute pregnancy journal and filling in the pages and places that feel meaningful to you. If there’s a page you’re dreading completing or that you don’t remember all of the information for, consider just tearing it out.

Involve the soon-to-be big brother or sister

There’s nothing cuter than a toddler or preschooler who is excited to meet their baby sibling. Consider working your older child into any photos that you take, have them write or draw a note for the baby’s journal, or record a quick video of them talking all about what they plan to teach their sibling.

Take a video

Videos are a low-stress, low-effort way to record a message for your little one or to show off your growing bump. In addition to snapping pictures, consider creating a few videos that you’ll enjoy looking back on in the future.

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Pregnant With Baby Number Two? Don’t Forget to Commemorate Your Pregnancy!

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