Baby Names Inspired by US Presidents

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Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson 1801-09

Madison – James Madison 1809-17

I LOVE this name for a girl.

Monroe – James Monroe 1817-25

This could work well for a baby boy or girl.

Quincy – John Quincy Adams 1825-29

I think this works for either gender, but especially for a little lady!

Jackson – Andrew Jackson 1829-37

Henry – William Henry Harrison 1841

Harrison – William Henry Harrison 1841

James – James Knox Polk – 1845-49

Knox – James Knox Polk – 1845-49

Pierce – Franklin Pierce 1853-57

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Abraham – Abraham Lincoln 1861-65

I love the nickname, ‘Abe'!

Lincoln – Abraham Lincoln 1861-65

Grant – Ulysses S. Grant 1869-77

Hayes – Rutherford Birchard Hayes 1877-81

Abram – James Abram Garfield 1881

Theodore – Theodore Roosevelt 1901-09

Cute nicknames in ‘Theo' and ‘Teddy'.

Calvin – Calvin Coolidge 1923-29

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Kennedy – John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1961-63

I've only heard this used for a girl in recent years, but I like it!

Ford – Gerald Rudolph Ford 1974-77

Carter – James Earl Carter 1977-81

Reagan – Ronald Wilson Reagan 1981-89

I like this for a baby girl. 

Walker – Herbert Walker Bush 1989-93

Barack – Barack Hussein Obama 2009-2016

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Baby Names Inspired by US Presidents

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