These Names Rock! Baby Names Inspired by Gemstones

Check out these beautiful baby names inspired by gemstones. They are perfect for your precious little boy or your flawless little girl!



Pearls begin when a small piece of debris becomes trapped inside and the mollusk eventually turns it into something beautiful. 

Pearls are also June baby's birthstones.


Jade has long been associated with wisdom and royalty. 

Jade is one of two birthstones (the other being peridot) for August babies.


While Jasper can be a solid color, it is more often mottled, spotted, ringed, or striped, giving each stone a unique color or pattern. Jasper has been mentioned throughout history, including appearances in the bible and other texts.


Amber is fossilized tree resin and has historical significance as a healing agent in folk medicine. (Think, Baltic amber teething necklaces). 

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One of the birthstones for October. In Asia, the opal is seen as a symbol of hope. They have sometimes been given as a gift to celebrate the 14th year of marriage. (An opal pendant might make a cute 14th birthday present for your little Opal as well!) 


Did you know that corals are not plants? They're actually animals and are relatives of jellyfish and anemones.  

The gemstones are formed from organic matter left when the coral dies. It can be white, but is popular in orange and red colors. 


Beryl is actually a mineral; well-known types of beryl include emerald and aquamarine. 



The name of the gemstone comes from the Latin ruber, meaning red. Ruby became popular as a name during the late Victorian era, along with other jewel names. 

The ruby is considered symbolic of “love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life” and “is said to restore vital life forces and increase energy and vigor. Ruby is also known as the stone of courage, and legend tells us that a person possessing a ruby can walk through life without fear of evil or misfortune.” 


Rubies are July's birthstone.


Jacinth is an historical name for the orange-red transparent variety of zircon used as a gemstone. 


“Eilat Stone derives its name from the city of Eilat where it was once mined, it is a green-blue inhomogeneous mixture of several secondary copper minerals including malachite, azurite, turquoise, pseudomalachite, chrysocolla.” Known as the National stone of Israel and also referred to as the King Solomon Stone.  

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Deriving from a Japanese word also meaning “poppy” (ケシ, 芥子),  Keshi is used in Japanese to describe all pearls that grew without a nucleus. Their interesting shapes and colors make them unique and beautiful.  


Citrine is one of today's popular gemstones. “The name ‘citrine' was derived from ‘citron', a French word meaning ‘lemon', although its color tends to be more golden rather than lemon-yellow.” The color is associated with positive energy, success, and abundance. 

Citrine is one of November's birthstones (the other being Topaz).



Crystal shines like the clear, brilliant glass, or transparent quartz the name describes.


“Olivine is one of the most common minerals in the earth and is a major rock forming mineral.” The green variety of gemstone quality is also known as peridot, a popular stone in jewelry. 

Peridot is a birthstone for the month of August (the other being jade).


Morion is a type of black quartz often used in energy work as it is believed to “dispel negative, psychic energies or thought forms that are being directed towards one. 

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Madeira Citrine is “the most popular gemstone in the yellow to orange color range, and one of the most affordable of the harder gem materials” featuring a saturated color ranging from a yellow gold to a deeper brown.


“A deep blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color.”



Viridine, also known as mangan-andalusite, is a bright green variety of Andalusite.”


Violane is a coarse stone ranging in color from violet to light blue. 

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Would you consider a name inspired by gemstones for your baby?

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These Names Rock! Baby Names Inspired by Gemstones

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