Does Your Baby Have a Holiday Birthday? Check Out These Tips to Make it Special!

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If your baby’s birth date is within a few weeks of one of the major winter holidays, you might be a little nervous about helping them feel special each year. Kids who have birthdays near major holidays often complain that they don’t feel as special as kids with spring or summer birthdays. Or complain that others forget their big day in the excitement of the season. Creating positive birthday experiences when your child is young can help them feel good about their birthday throughout their lifetime. Check out the tips help to help your kiddo rock their holiday birthday!

Keep presents distinct. Just because your child’s birthday falls around another major present giving holiday doesn’t mean that it’s okay to combine presents and give them one thing that counts as a Christmas/birthday gift. As much as possible, encourage friends and family members to treat their birthday as a distinct event.

Throw a party early or late. The holidays are a busy time of the year for many families. If it feels like it’s going to be tough to get everyone together to celebrate your little one on their actual birthday, consider bumping the celebration by a few weeks and hosting their party during a quieter month.

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Decorate for the birthday. Even if your home is filled with Christmas décor, you can still add some day-of birthday decorations to help your child feel special. A few balloons in their favorite color, streamers crossing the dining room and a special birthday place setting are simple ways to ensure they know how excited you are for their special day!

Point out why holiday birthdays are great! As your child grows, they’ll likely notice a few different ways that having a holiday birthday can be tough. As their parent, it’ll be your job to help them see all the ways it can be extra special. Whether it’s the time off of school or the extra festivities of the season that makes them smile, highlight all that makes having their birthday wonderful!

Make their story special. The date of your child’s birth is one part of their story – help them see how special it is by including the holidays in your retelling of their birth story. Whether you dashed away from Thanksgiving dinner, skipping out on the big Christmas party, or watched new year’s fireworks from the hospital, your child will feel special knowing that they were the most important part of your holiday! 

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Have fun with your child's holiday birthday!

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Does Your Baby Have a Holiday Birthday? Check Out These Tips to Make it Special!

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