Baby Fever? How to Calm Your Ovaries When it’s Not Quite Time for Another Baby

There’s nothing sweeter than a brand new baby. Newborns have skin as soft as velvet, a scent that’s unmatchable, and beautiful, brand new eyes that seem eager to take in the world around them. When you have a rambunctious toddler on your hands, one that’s as loud as it is sticky, a newborn can start to look all the more wonderful.

Often, when a little one starts to grow up and grow out of their baby phase, parents start to look longingly at newborns and feel pulled to conceive again. Just because parents want a new baby though, doesn’t mean that the timing is right. Whether you know it would be better to wait for financial reasons, professional reasons, or perhaps because you want to make another big life change, like moving, before you bring another baby into the world, forcing yourself to wait for another baby can be really hard.

If you’re desperate for another little one, but the timing’s not quite right, check out the tips below for beating baby fever!

baby fever
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Get your snuggles in

Sometimes, all you need to beat baby fever are a few sweet snuggles. If you’ve got friends with babies, or nieces or nephews, consider offering to babysit and indulging your desire for baby cuddles.

Remember the tough parts

Sometimes, when your toddler is melting down in the grocery store or your preschooler is refusing to put on their shoes (again), it can be easy to romanticize the newborn phase. While it’s true that newborns don’t sass talk or refuse their dinner, they are also a tremendous amount of work. When you’re aching for a baby, try to remember how exhausting the up-all-night months are and how tough it is to get out of the house with all your baby gear in tow.

Focus on the baby you have

Most parents want another baby expressly because they love the baby or babies they already have and, often, because they miss their younger years. Instead of reminiscing about how sweet they were when they were tiny, make a point to live in the present and appreciate your little one for the phase they’re in right now.

Get a project

Sometimes, all you need to take your mind off of not having a newborn is a really cool project. Consider volunteering for a cause that’s important to you, putting in your best at work, or taking on some home focused projects that you can throw yourself into.

Enjoy the countdown!

It’s always easier to wait for something if you know how long you’re going to have to wait. Have some serious conversations, pick a date that you know is realistic (like after the big move or once you get that raise), and enjoy ticking off the months off as you wait!

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Baby Fever? How to Calm Your Ovaries When it’s Not Quite Time for Another Baby

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