This Baby Bottle Is Smarter Than You

Which parent among us hasn't wished for a baby bottle that did it all? —

A bottle that fed our babies, tracked their feedings, alerted us when they had eaten their fill, and told us whether or not our baby was uncomfortable?

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Oh, wait. That's just me that dreams of that? Well, for those of us who may have dreamed big in the baby-bottle realm, there has been an exciting development in smart baby bottles: the nfant Feeding Solution by NFANT Labs. 

Image via NFANT Labs LLC

This new baby bottle is designed to be used by infants in the NICU and is meant to not only help train the infants to learn to eat, but to give caregivers and healthcare providers accurate, up-to-the-minute information about how well they are taking in their feedings. 

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Basically, you will be impressed to know that this is the first bottle I've ever heard of that actually uses Bluetooth technology. I mean, guys — a bottle with Bluetooth? What will they think of next?

But seriously, for babies in the NICU, feeding is a big deal. Not only do premature babies need all the nutrients they can get, but feeding milestones, such as sucking and swallowing, are important developmental milestones that can be used to assess how well the baby is doing, which is why, in part, these bottles can provide doctors and nurses with valuable information about how a baby in the NICU is progressing.

NFANT Labs explains that these bottles:

  • monitor progress during feeding transition,
  • measure movement of the tongue on the nipple during pacifier and bottle sucking, and

  • can be extremely convenient, since they can attach to standard bottles and are totally portable.

In a press release celebrating their clearance by the FDA to develop the smart baby bottles, the lab noted that up to 70% of the 540,000 premature babies born in the U.S. each year experience feeding problems. “Until now, physicians and caregivers have not had access to objective feeding data and the power of cloud analytics to enhance decision making,” they explained

The bottle really focuses on measuring the movement of the baby's tongue because, apparently, that's where the magic happens. “Each nfant Feeding Solution consists of a disposable nfant Coupling that connects the bottle to the nipple,” the lab explains. “Reusable nfant Sensors then connect to the Coupling and non-invasively measure the baby's tongue movement while transmitting that data to a smart device for display in real-time. Data is then stored in a cloud database for analysis and retrieval. In addition to real-time analytics, physicians and caregivers can also view an infant’s historical feeding analytics to determine progress.”

In addition to creating the baby bottles, NFANT Labs also announced just this month that they will be creating the world's largest infant-feeding database in an attempt to provide a baseline for infant feedings and a way to measure progress in the NICU. It's an exciting time in helping premature babies in the most practical way. 

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Would you use a “smart” baby bottle at home?

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This Baby Bottle Is Smarter Than You

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