Will Your Babe Catch the Daycare Sniffles this Year?

daycare sniffles
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Whether your child goes to daycare year round or attends preschool during the regular school season, you’re likely worried about all the germs they’re (definitely) coming in contact with. No matter how clean a child care facility is, kids who spend a lot of time around other kids are more likely to get sick more than their peers who spend most of their time at home. The daycare sniffles are inevitable! Or are they?

True, you won’t be able to prevent all of the coughs, sniffles, and colds that will likely come your kids' way this year. But there are several things you can do to prevent the spread of sickness. Check out the tips below for your child avoid the daycare sniffles (if at all possible)! 

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  1. Teach good hand washing habits

While your child’s teachers will likely be encouraging them to wash their hands throughout the day, it’s important that you follow up with them at home to encourage this becoming a habit. Frequent and proper hand washing makes a huge difference when it comes to illness prevention so helping your child establish this habit has the potential to help them stay healthy this school year!

  1. Keep sanitizer in the car

Of course, hand-washing does a better job of knocking out germs than using hand sanitizer. But keeping a bottle in the car is a great way to make sure that your kid comes home as germ-free as possible.

  1. Make sure your daycare enforces their illness policy

Most child care facilities have a strict no sick child policy. While this policy might feel like a pain when it’s your child who can’t go to daycare when they feel fine but have a very, very slight fever, you’ll appreciate it when it prevents them from getting sick. Kids with colds are often contagious both before and after they feel bad. So, by enforcing a strict policy, daycares will help keep your child feeling good.

  1. Eat healthy

When your body is well nourished it’s better equipped to fight off germs. Keep your family well fed by stocking up fruits and veggies. Make sure that you’re eating from all the most important food groups.

  1. Stay up-to-date on shots

Your child’s vaccines won't prevent the sniffles. But they will help them avoid some serious and potentially dangerous illnesses. At each of your child’s well-visits,  check in on whether they’re up to date or in need of vaccines. 

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How do you help prevent the daycare sniffles?

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Will Your Babe Catch the Daycare Sniffles this Year?

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