Author’s Response to Pit Bull Blog Comments:


Hello Everyone!

I appreciate all of the feedback I’m getting from my previous blog “Toddler Killed by Family Dogs” in its comments and on EverydayFamily’s Facebook page. I had no idea my blog would cause such a passionate conversation! (I’m loving it!!!) And I’d like to let you all know that YOU ARE RIGHT – the parents/grandparent/SOMEONE should have been watching that young, innocent girl!!

Amid the popular opinions that I was negligent over the more instantaneous reaction of “why was this child alone, without supervision,” I chose to not focus on that in my blog because I think we all know and agree 100 % that you absolutely cannot leave an 18-month-old child alone, unattended. Especially with pets. And even more so with an entire pack of dogs, regardless of their breed.  

I also feel like a large majority of pit bull lovers feel I’m a horrible, media-pushing, anti-pit bull activist in disguise. I apologize for offending you all on any personal stance regarding pit bulls (wasn’t my intention, yet traumatic childhood experiences do tend to jade our perception on specific things); and I totally acknowledge that I’m SURE there are wonderful pit bulls out there. When it comes to pets, their behavior is the direct effect of how they have been trained and cared for, etc. I wasn’t aware that pit bulls were once “nanny dogs,” as many comments have pointed out. But I did know, and mentioned, that the top three biting breeds were in fact smaller dogs and not pit bulls.

For this blog’s purpose, my intentions were NOT to shed negative light on the pit bull breed as a whole. The blog was about a child who died because seven dogs killed her. If it had been any other breed, I would’ve written the same blog. And if the other breed mentioned in the original news report had a negative public rap and was legally labeled “inherently dangerous,” I would’ve included that in the blog as well – regardless of breed. Why wouldn’t I? I didn’t know there was an actual law regarding pit bulls prior to the news report, so I wanted to tell you all about it too!   If a new law is ever passed stating Siamese cats are “inherently dangerous,” I would want to know! Even if I think Siamese cats are intelligent, loud-mouthed, stubborn, harmless, gentle kitties, I would still want to know if seven of them kill a child. Because one of our cherished family members is a Siamese cat, and these are things a parent needs to know. (And yes, I am fully aware that even cats pose potential dangers to children if left to their own curious doings!)

We all have different opinions: Breast vs. Bottle, Public- vs. Home-school, Conservative vs. Liberal, Owner of Pit Bull vs. Owner of Siamese Cat …While there will never be a time when we all agree, we share our own thoughts in these blogs – and listen to yours – in hopes we can move past the harsh first judgments to share, learn, and grow as a community


I was hoping my blog would get us all talking about family pets, the dangers that can occur (whether we’ve thought about them or not), and how this news article may or may not affect your opinion concerning the entire topic!! Again – I’m sorry for neglecting to focus on the lack of supervision – that poor child would probably still be alive if someone, anyone, would’ve done their job and cared for her in a way the majority of us would have.  But really, I just can’t believe they had SEVEN dogs. You know?

Thanks again for all of your comments! Keep them coming – y’all are great!!!!

-Kim Shannon

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Author’s Response to Pit Bull Blog Comments:

Kimberly Shannon is a wife, a mother, an editor, a writer ... She is always working to find the perfect balance¹! After Kimberly received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she worked on two master’s degree programs (Creative Writing, and Marriage and Family Therapy). At various times in her life she has signed up to study Naturopathy, only to back out at the last minute, and humored the idea of returning full-time to the world of dance. Kimberly has also started 10 different children ... More

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  1. Olive says:

    Let me first start by saying i’m truly sorry for what happen to this little girl. With that said i would like to say i have a red nose pittbull who is the sweeties dog you have ever seen and known. Yes she will kill you with licks after licks and excitement of been petted and love. Needless to say that when i read this kind of articles it really gets to me because people are so focus in blaming the dog and the breed for the vicious attacks, but yet they do not stop to think that the owners should be more responsible for the dog actions that the dog itself. Why do i say this? its simple my lovely pittbull (pink) as i call her does not even bark, and because i have spoiled her so much she believes she is a lap dog and loves to cuddle with u in bed. she does not have one mean or dangerous bone in her body, and why is that and how am i so sure? well this is the way i raise her with love and kindness and its what she knows to be her behavior. With this said, yes i know there have been report after reports of attacks by pittbulls, but have someone instead of immediately damming the dog stop and dig a little into how the dog was kept? what were the conditions they were in physically, mentally, what were they feed? were they feed enough and kept hydrated were they shown love and compassion? Remember just as us human animals become what they are shown and taught in their life! So next time u hear about a pittbull attack dig a little deeper before assuming that these breed its more dangerous and aggressive than any other!

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