Aspirin Could Help You Conceive, According To A New Study

According to a new study, there's a fertility aid lurking in your medicine cabinet that could just help you get pregnant faster — aspirin. 

I have to admit that we rarely use it in our house. I've used baby aspirin for the kids a few times for a minor ache or pain, but for some reason, as adults we rarely use aspirin. I guess I associate it more with a blood-thinner type of medication that older individuals use. For average, everyday, run-of-the-mill headaches or something, I generally turn to ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

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But still, I think most people are familiar with aspirin and at least own some. And if they don't, it's an easy, over-the-counter medication to pick up. So if you're trying to conceive, you may just want to consider adding aspirin to your daily schedule. 

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According to one study analysis, certain women who are trying to conceive may benefit from taking a low-dose aspirin every day. Specifically, women who have a certain blood marker of inflammation in their body, called C-reactive protein (CRP), benefited the most. Women with the CRP who took aspirin every day were 31 percent more likely to get pregnant. They were also 35 percent more likely to successfully carry a pregnancy to term than the women who didn't. It's an interesting finding. It points to the fact that the aspirin may help lower the levels of inflammation in a woman to help her body to stop fighting getting pregnant.

Our bodies work with basic, primitive systems and it's not in nature's favor to let a woman get pregnant when her body is stressed. When a woman is stressed that signals that something is challenging her chance of survival. That inflammation marker in the body could be interpreted as “I'm in stress, so don't get pregnant right now!” in the brain instead of a medical condition or just stress at work or something. To your body, stress is stress.  

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So what does this mean? Well, it means that if you're having trouble conceiving and you have known levels of CRP, you may benefit from taking a low dose of daily aspirin. Now, there isn't enough research yet to recommend that all women do this or that it might help prevent a miscarriage. So don't start popping aspirin just yet. Talk to your doctor about it and check your cupboards in the meantime. 

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Aspirin Could Help You Conceive, According To A New Study

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