4 Apps to Help Manage A Day Out with the Kids

As moms, we all know how a small outing with your children can turn from fun to disaster in a matter of minutes. One minute you have a car full of smiling children and the next they're bickering or crying like babies – because, well, they are babies. But it happens and if you're like me, you use your smart phone like a lifeline in times of trouble. But, did you know that you can download apps that can enhance your overall day-tripping experience? Take a look at these apps – all of which I have at the ready on my own smart phone.


Toilet Finder (Free)

When a toddler has to go potty, he has to go potty – like now. Use this helpful app to search a database of over 60,000 public restrooms around the globe. If you find one that is not online, you can add it to the


Kid Friendly Restaurants (Free)

I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! As soon as I leave the house, I can be sure that my son will ask for a snack or a drink. And while I usually have a stash of kid friendly foods, there are times when he catches me off guard and I find myself hunting for the nearest restaurant for a quick bite to eat that is not only healthy but kid friendly. Using GPS, this app pinpoints your location and gives you a list of nearby possible options


Oh Ranger! (Free)

Whether you're looking to take a break on a long car trip, or just want to stop to get the wiggles out, this app helps you find everything from national parks to local open spaces. Neighborhood parks are rated by accessibility and playground equipment – all by users like you. Search by activities like hiking, riding, skateboarding, pet friendly, and more.


Road Trip Scavenger Hunt ($0.99)

If all else fails, it's time to just hand over the smart phone and let your kid go to town until you finish your list of errands. This app for scavenger hunts is a win, win. He won't be completely consumed with video games or a movie, but will also be able to interact with siblings and parents. Use it while in the car to spot a variety of fun objects along the way. Keep track with a handy digital score board that logs stats for all players.

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4 Apps to Help Manage A Day Out with the Kids

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