Talking to Moms: Has Anyone Else Felt Unhappy About Their Due Date?

One of our EF moms had a question, and we decided to ask other EF moms to see what they thought. The questions was this: Has anyone else felt unhappy about their due date? Here's what other moms replied with.

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Katie G: I was due on Thanksgiving and he came two days early. Every few years, his birthday will fall on Thanksgiving and that makes me sad. I want him to have his own special day!

Heather C: I am due 12/24. I didn’t like the due date. My second child died on 12/19/07 and my only miscarriage was due 12/20. So I feel cursed. I know it may seem weird or superstitious, but it just feels like I'm doomed. Also, I am extremely worried about ruining Christmas for my other children. I know I’m lucky to be pregnant, I just can’t help but feel like something is going to go wrong.

Lexi C: My son was due July 3. I was excited but I ended up going into labor the 28th of June. I didn't want to have my son on the 30th cause that was my nephews birthday and he died three years prior and I didn't want my family saying things like, “Oh, he's just like him and it was meant to be, blah blah…” So I told my doctors either give me something to speed it up or slow it down. I ended up having him the 29th of June.

Taryn J: As a Muslim who's due date was super close to 9/11 … Absolutely I was unhappy about my due date. I prayed so freaking hard for him to be born on any day but that! All I could see was a lifetime of even more insults than he's already going to face. Praise God that's one less because he came almost two weeks late.

Amanda D: My daughter's due date was December 18th. My dad has a birthday close to Christmas and I didn’t want a Christmas baby because everything runs together and it’s hard to plan for parties. Well, I went over my due date and she was born on December 22 (my dad’s birthday). I feel bad her birthday is so close to Christmas, but my dad loves being able to share a birthday with his first grandchild!

Tiffany A: Yes… My son was born on February 16th. Planning parties for him is horrible because I want his friends to be there but most people are either broke or have Valentine's weekend plans.

Jay B: I know the feeling. My twin daughters were born on July 4. So hard to throw parties for them. I'm 9 months pregnant and I do not want a Christmas, New Year's Eve, or New Years baby. Due date on January 14 but I feel like he will arrive sooner. Still working on a date for a scheduled cesarean.

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Stephanie S: My due date is 4-20. Lol, pretty sure I won't be delivering on that date, but still. My sister asked me if I was naming her Mary Jane. Uh. No…

Cassie M: I was due April 18 and had her April 20. I was going to be induced 21st and I really didn’t want her to come on 4/20. My other daughter was due December 29 but induced on December 30th. Hard around Christmas and New Years.


Amber W: I was only unhappy with my middle kid's due date. Being born at the beginning of January guarantees for cold crappy birthdays in Maine. I have a late January birthday myself and had to reschedule parties a few times due to weather. Also, right after Christmas is a hard time, financially, for gifts.

Lily C: With my first, I was actually excited because he was due a few days after Halloween. He ended up coming a week before Halloween. (And I love Halloween!) With my second, I didn’t like my due date much because it was right in the middle of the summer (my original due date was August 2nd)… She was born on July 22. Being 9 months pregnant in the summer isn’t exactly the most fun experience. Especially where I live, where it can get above 100 degrees and is very humid.

Amber C: I have a 2-year-old born on 4/4, and this one is due 4/13! If that’s not bad enough, I feel like it just shows the world that I only have sex once a year! Lol! People might not think that right away, but… it makes me angry because it’s pretty much true. And I’ll have to do birthdays back to back or combine them, and no kid likes to share their day.

Megan D: My first was born December 17th, 2010. And my second (no planning involved) was born December 18th, 2014! It is very hard planning not one, but two birthday parties, and then having to also worry about Christmas for our family the week after. It just adds a lot of stress to this time of year. But I love those babies!

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Danelle M: I was since we were trying to have a June/July baby so we could guarantee my stepdaughter would be with us when her sister was born. We ended up being due Aug 11th (luckily we still had my stepdaughter with us) and she was born August 18th. We were happy with the 18th since my stepdaughter and my dad also have birthdays that fall on August 18th!

Bethany B: Lol. My doctor told me my due date was November 11. But I didn't like that day so I just always said I was due on November 10, because I liked that number better. I told everyone it was the 10th and guess what … I delivered on November 10! So pick a day you like better and say it and believe it!

Cathy T: My first was due September 11. So many people would respond “Oh, that's to bad!” when I would tell them the date. He was finally born Sept. 20th so, in the end, it didn't matter. His name is Jonah, which means peace (which I thought was appropriate for the due date).

Kim H: My due date was Christmas. I would have felt so bad for my kid if he was born that day. Having to share presents … Mine is the beginning of December and I always had to share presents … hated it! Thankfully he was late and I had to be induced a couple of weeks later. Phew!

Nasha G: I was. It was the day of the 1st anniversary of my brother's death. I needed a scheduled c-section and my OBGYN heard my concerns. My son was born seven days earlier and that was a relief.


Amber W: Both of my boys are holiday babies, oldest was due Jan 2 and was born Dec 19th. So six days before Christmas. My youngest was due March 3 but came February 9th, so our Valentines Baby. Not happy about that either.

Theresa Y: Not unhappy, but wished it wasn't December. For two reasons. #1 – He was due the 28th. I had him the 30th. Too close to Christmas and New Years. #2 – I found out in November my dad had two weeks to a month to live. He died November 21st. I had really wanted him to meet Silas.

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Talking to Moms: Has Anyone Else Felt Unhappy About Their Due Date?

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  1. Sara says:

    I wasn’t happy with either of my due dates… Both just happened to be on the birthdays of my ex’s. Crazy way for life to bring up unwanted memories! My first ended up being over a week late, so we dodged that one. As long as I can hold out for another couple days, we’ll dodge this one too!

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