Alternative Methods to Ease Teething Pain

It's 3:00 a.m. on a Sunday night, and you have a very important meeting for work on Monday, yet your 7-month-old is screaming out in pain.  The only thing you want to do is crawl under your covers and go back to sleep.  Instead, you drag your tired self out of bed, stumble to the nursery, and pick up your precious little one.  All you can dream about is getting a full night of sleep again.  

There will come a time when your baby is teething that you feel desperate for a solution to ease their teething pain and will try just about anything.  

Sound familiar?  If not, and you're a new mom, your time is most likely coming.  According to experts, babies begin to teethe around six months. However, teething between 3 to 12 months of age is within the normal range.  Most babies become fussy and may have a difficult time sleeping while they are teething.  They may refuse to eat or drink as well.  Traditional methods to help relieve teething pain include teething toys or pain relievers. Teething gels that contain benzocaine are not recommended, as it can cause a rare, yet life threatening condition called methemoglobinemia. This condition greatly reduces the amount of oxygen carried through the bloodstream. But there are plenty of other options to help get you and baby feeling better.

Here are some alternative methods to relieve teething pain:  

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Oral Treatments – 

Baby Orajel Naturals – This teething pain gel is a homeopathic option that contains chamomile.  It is free of benzocaine, dyes, and parabens.     

Boiron's Camilia – As seen in the EverydayFamily Product Showcase, Camilia is a safe and natural liquid solution that relieves painful gums and irritability of teething. The product is benozocaine free and can be used on children ages 1 month and up.

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Cold Options

My favorite treatment option to reduce inflamed gums and provide teething relief for my children is to use cold objects.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Rub ice or a cold wash cloth along your child's gums
  • Give your child a frozen waffle or bagel to chew on (after wheat is introduced to avoid a possible allergy)
  • Frozen teething rings
  • Sassy Terry Teethers – These fruit shaped teethers are made from terry cloth and are designed to be wet and then put into the freezer
  • Kidsme Food Feeder – BPA-free textured silicone sack that replaces the traditional mesh feeders, but is much easier to clean;  place frozen fruit or ice cubes in the sack to soothe teething pain. 

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Baltic Amber Necklaces –

Baltic amber necklaces have become a very popular option to help ease teething pain, although there are questions about their efficacy. Amber has been shown in some studies to have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and swollen gums. The idea of the necklaces is that natural oils in the amber are released when the necklace is worn against a baby's skin. In turn, the baby's skin absorbs the oils, which include therapeutic succinic acid.

A recent article in the New York Times raised the concern that the necklaces pose a suffocation and choking hazard to small children. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that babies wear any jewelry. Amber teething necklaces should only be worn only when the caregiver can physically see the child and are designed to be short enough that the baby can not get it into their mouth. Additionally, sellers do not recommend that they are worn in the water, so the integrity of the silk string is not compromised.

**As with beginning any new treatment, please discuss pain relief options for teething with your doctor before trying one of these or any other treatment options.


What teething remedy has worked best for your baby?  

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Alternative Methods to Ease Teething Pain

Mindi is a working mom with three boys ages 4, 2, and an infant (born June 2013). She spent her first 8 years of her career in Speech-Language Pathology at a Children's Hospital. She currently works with adults and children in home health. The real fun for her happens when she is at home with her boys, chasing them around and pretending to be a super hero. She blogs about life as a working mom at Simply Stavish. Her weekly feature, Words in the Sand, teaches parents how to grow their child's s ... More

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  1. JNelle says:

    My nutritionist told my sister- in-law and me about an all natural food supplement called Parotid PMG
    by Standard Process. I kid you not. As long as we take one pill with each meal (we both breastfeed),
    our babies have NO teething issues: no drooling, no out of control chewing, and NO pain.
    This is the perfect teething fix, and more people need to know about it.

    • jasmin says:

      I want to try this! My daugther is 3 months 3 weeks now and just yesterday she was crying frantically. She has been drooling for weeks now and just yesterday cried non stop because she is teething. I want to try this but im a little nervous! You take one pill with each meal you take? Kindly share details!

      Thank you!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the comment Liz! I got these mittens and they were a total hit with my little one. Plus his snowsuit this year didn’t have attached mittens and these worked great

  3. i give my daughter teething rings during the day and then at night i put oragel on her gums and give her a pacifier.

  4. Alicia says:

    I use teething rings for my girl durin the day, and if she can’t sleep at night up all ours crying i give her some infant tylonal and a a pacci.

  5. Lukesmother says:

    My little one has been teething since 3 months old. He is drooling and trying to chew anything he can get in his mouth. I loved this article,now I have some new things to try!

  6. Liz says:

    I found that Waterproof Teething Mittens work WONDERS with my baby. He loves to bite his fingers but after a while would find it uncomfortable. Now he wears his mittens whenever he is on a bitting mood and he seems to really like them. Here is where you can find them:

  7. Teresa says:

    I used a Rubbermaid soap holder that has suction cups on it. I would stick it in the freezer, let it get cold and then let my baby chew on it and the suction sups help the pain and the teeth to come out better.

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