Already Winners: Olympic Competitors and Mothers

Already Winners: Olympic Competitors and Mothers Picture

It is hard to imagine anyone with more strength and dedication than the Olympic athletes. From those overcoming physical challenges to those who have been in it for the long haul, there is much to admire about these competitors.

For filmmakers Jennifer Pottheiser and Danielle Elliot, the admiration took root in looking at thirteen fierce competitors who manage to balance their personal Olympic goals with the needs of their children and families. Working on the London 2012: Olympic Moms (Documentary Series) allowed them to profile and celebrate the amazing abilities these women have, not only in their sports, but in their lives.

As they say on their Facebook page, “Olympic Moms spends a day in the life of each of these moms, from breakfast airplanes to grueling workouts and back for bedtime stories, we're there every step of the day.” This offers an intimate look at each woman, seeing the story behind the athlete and the life that she lives every day, not just her moment in the Olympic spotlight.

All mothers are amazing. They adapt, learn, and grow every day. These women are especially amazing and inspiring. They show that having a family doesn’t have to mean losing yourself. From Mickey Kelly, who talks about using a break during the fencing portion of a competition to nurse her child to Lashinda Demus discussing giving baths to prep her five-year-old twins to attend her race, they provide an honest insight into what it means to live your dream while caring for your family.

Take a moment to watch the videos, and find your own inspiration. 

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Already Winners: Olympic Competitors and Mothers

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