Alanis Morissette Talks about Her Postpartum Struggle

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Alanis Morissette has been very open about her feelings and practices since becoming a mom, most notably, her decision to breastfeed until her son stops on his own and not a minute sooner. She recently opened up to ET Canada about something else she has experienced as a mother: postpartum depression.

She says, “I just thought it was a swampy chapter, if I soldiered it out, that it would go away. I came to realize that the longer I waited, the more intense it would become.” She does not go into detail about the feelings she had during her bout with postpartum, but she does have one goal in speaking out about it, “I think if there is any goal in me talking about it, it would be to eradicate the shame around it,” she explains. “It’s just what happens sometimes and, for me, I just waited way too long to reach out for help.”

I give her a lot of respect for coming out about her struggle. I think postpartum depression happens a lot more often than we know. When I had my first two children, I thought, ‘How can women feel sad, when they have these beautiful babies?’ However, after my third I think I saw a little glimpse of what postpartum depression was like.

While I did not have full blown postpartum depression, I did have a major case of the “baby blues.” I would cry at the drop of a hat, did not feel the overwhelming joy I had with my first two, and was in general less together than normal. While at the time I just chalked my feelings up to being stressed with three children under four, knowing Collin was my last baby, and being away from family, I now know it was something more. My hope with celebrities speaking out about postpartum depression is that women will recognize the seriousness of the problem and get help instead of trying to ignore the problem.

Did you struggle with postpartum depression?

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Alanis Morissette Talks about Her Postpartum Struggle

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  1. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    I struggled with postpartum almost immediately after my first was born. I was so angry and so upset over everything I was in fear of our lives. It was very scary… My doctor told me, after trying numerous baby safe anti-depressants to stop breast feeding and I did. It had been less then a month and I didnt realize how strong your hormones rage when your breastfeeding. My postpartum went away almost immediately.

    With this one I hope to breast feed a bit longer but now I know what to look out for!

  2. They put me right on sertraline. ITS MAGIC! WOOOOOO.

  3. Profile photo of Kevryn Kevryn says:

    After my first I did. It became quite sever around 6 mos after. I finally realized I needed to go talk to my doctor. Thank God it went away when I became pregnant with my second and it hasnt returned. I love my kids more than anything and just want to be the best mother possible. Having PPD doesnt make you a bad parent. It happens because your hormones are so out of wack that you need to find a way to level them out again. You didnt do anything wrong your body just reacted differently than others

  4. Profile photo of sarah sarah says:

    thanks for sharing I’m tired of felling ashamed because I’m not happy, and currently struggling with postpardom depression. Listen to Alantis Morrisett ang exercising with my daughter have been a life saver . Thank you for your music and truth!!

  5. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    No, I’m fortunate to say I did not. I don’t know any others who have, maybe because they don’t speak of it. I’ve read a little about it, and it sounds horrible and like something that can be helped if there is help out there for the mothers.


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