Actress and Mother Tiffani Thiessen Wants Your Kids in the Kitchen

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Better academic achievement, less stress, stronger family relationships, and improved communication skills. The one ingredient these all have in common is shared family meals. Passionate about preparing meals as a family and teaching her children the fundamentals of cooking, the star of the Cooking Channel’s Dinner at Tiffani’s Tiffani Thiessen is inspiring parents to involve kids in the kitchen. To jump-start this initiative, Thiessen is challenging families to join Uncle Ben’s Ben’s Beginners Movement. She is also encouraging parents to take part in national Cook with your Kids Day on Saturday, September 23rd. She joined EverydayFamily's Shiloh Johnson to tell us more. See the full interview here:

It's Thiessen's opinion that every day should be Cook with your Kids Day! She has a seven-year-old daughter who’s been in the kitchen since she was little. She just got her own kid-proof knife, and she's learning new skills that go with that. Thiessen’s daughter enjoys the process of creating meals from beginning to end, and the creativity involved. Mother and daughter love cooking together. Thiessen said, “Not only are you creating a healthy meal, you’re creating memories as well!”

“That’s what’s so great about the initiative with Uncle Ben’s. We’re really trying to show people that cooking as a family is super important on many levels,” Thiessen remarked. Studies show that eating and preparing meals as a family has tremendous positive effects on a child’s development. These positive effects include kids making healthier food choices and improving academic achievements. And picky eaters can turn into good eaters if they help make the meals. Bonus!

Thiessen told us more about Uncle Ben’s Ben’s Beginners Movement. Now in the campaign's sixth year, families have a chance to win one of five Grand Prize packages. These include $15,000 cash, a $30,000 cafeteria makeover for their child’s school, and a hometown celebration. To enter, families submit a photo of parents with their kids (kindergarten through eighth grade) preparing a rice-based dish. Don't forget to include #BensBeginners!

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So check out Uncle Ben's website for more info. Take pictures in the kitchen, cooking with your kids, and post them using #BensBeginners on September 23.

Thiessen is currently shooting a Netflix show, “Alexa & Katie,” which will be premiering early next year. She also finished a cookbook, which will be out later next year. And her show “Dinner at Tiffani’s” is currently in its third season on the Cooking Channel.

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Actress and Mother Tiffani Thiessen Wants Your Kids in the Kitchen

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