According to Kids: What Were the Best Presents from This Christmas?


Every Christmas there is a gift that stands out as the most memorable for your little one. Whether it’s a huge present or a little one, homemade or store-bought, or even an experience instead of a physical gift, there is always one present that tops all the rest. We asked real moms on Facebook to share what the best presents were this Christmas according to their little ones.  Consider this your starting point next time you're shopping and wondering what gift to buy for your kiddo or their friends. Here’s what they had to say!

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Denise S: My 4-year-old’s shoes were falling apart. He asked Santa for a new pair with the blinking lights in them. They were his favorite present!

Nickey D: My daughter always loved big stuffed animals. This year we scrounged up all we could to give her a stuffed animal that was bigger than her. We had her sit in the living room and close her eyes and then we put it in her lap. The squeal that followed was priceless!

Lisa MB: My daughter got a cash register, which she absolutely loves! It comes with real looking money and coins and the buttons beep and it’s an actual calculator. She’s been carrying it around and begging us to play store with her. Lol, I’ve bought everything in my house from her again!

Brandi F: The one our son seems to like the most is the Let’s Go Fishing game we got him. It’s the one he wanted to open immediately and the one he’s played with the most so far.

Sher D: My two-year-old grandson got a sable horse. It was too big to wrap, so we just put a ribbon on it! He loved it so much! He can sit on it and hug it. It even sounds like a real horse!

Eve W: My daughter’s Minnie Mouse train and her Elmo doll were her favorites.

Kate P: For my 6-month-old? The wrapping paper was the best! Lol! For my 7-year-old it was all the My Little Pony stuff. For my 10-year-old it was her iPod and smartwatch.

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Laura B: My daughter got a bike and was speechless about it. But she was most excited about the baby doll crib set she got. When she took the blanket off she said, “WHAAAT?! Cutest ever!”

Shannon MH: The best gift was the Star Wars Mr. Potato Head my mom got for my daughter. She will be three in January and she loves Star Wars!

Jessie J: Seriously, my 2-year-old won’t take off the little red apron I got him from the Dollar Tree!

Erin S: My youngest received a Trolls pillow and had to try it out in the middle of everything!

Briana B: I got my older two a ferret! They absolutely adore him!

BJ G: A mini trampoline! (It’s mommy’s favorite too … it gets all their energy out!)

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Desha W: We drove to Texas to go to the Seahawks/Cowboys game for Christmas. It was AMAZING! My boys were in awe.

Sara B: Hatchimals everything! And surprise balls.

Theresa N: For my 7-year-old – Godzilla movies and dinosaurs. For my 5-year-old – trains. And my 3-year-old loved the Peppa Pig playset!

Erica E: A microscope set for my oldest, and new bikes for my little ones.

Megan R: The bounce house that takes over our living room!

Tammy V: A Moana doll that sings! My baby loves it.

Natalie S: A personalized book, Henry’s Very Own Trucks and Things that Go! We’ve read it a hundred times so far, and he’s starting to spell his own name now because of it!

What were the best presents from your little one’s Christmas this year? Share in the comments!

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According to Kids: What Were the Best Presents from This Christmas?

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