Moving Forward with a Year in Review

Happy New Year!

With every new year, the focus is on starting over, making a fresh start, a New You, making resolutions and finally doing that “thing” you've been wanting to do. Are you wanting to begin a new health journey, get organized, stop a bad habit or bring more joy to your life?

First, let me say that you don't need a New You. YOU are awesome just the way you are! You may be ready for some changes and to start putting your needs and health at the top of your priorities and that is something I commend you for.

I want to share three reasons why I don't make New Year Resolutions, and what I do instead.

  1. New Year Resolutions make me feel stressed because I don't stick to them. Do you?
  1. I don't have to wait until January 1st to make a fresh start, each day is a fresh start. How many sunrises did you watch last year?
  1. New Year Resolutions are about being a better person and hopefulness, two things I want to do and feel each day. How do YOU want to feel each day?

Here's what I do instead …

A Year in Review: A year in review is an opportunity for you to look back at the previous year and celebrate your growth, the new people that came into your life, the fun times you had, the struggles you endured, and the triumphs you made. This exercise doesn't have to take you long, maybe an hour or two. I encourage you to do this when you have time to focus, in quiet, without the kids. Examining your year gives you the opportunity to learn from the past so that the upcoming year can be made better.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself while you're doing your Year in Review.

Download the FREE Printable Questionnaire here.

  1. Was I happy? If yes, what brought me the most happiness/joy? If no, what brought me the most unhappiness?
  1. What can I change (relationships I need to sever, priorities I need to change, commitments I need to stick to) to bring more happiness into my life?
  1. What did I waste too much time on? (social media, worrying, unhealthy relationship, a job I don't like)
  1. What am I thankful for?
  1. What do I want to do more of or eliminate in the upcoming year?
  1. What was the best thing that happened and how can I have more of that feeling?
  1. How did I make others feel? Was I supportive, caring, and encouraging?
  1. What can I do better?
  1. What do I want to learn and how do I want to grow as a person this year?
  1. What is holding me back from living the life I want?
  1. Did I take care of myself? (physically, mentally, emotionally)

Download the FREE Printable Questionnaire here.

You aren't perfect, none of us are. I make tiny mistakes each and every day but I try to reflect on those mistakes, learn from them, and do better the next time. It's important to learn from our failures but also to celebrate our successes. These successes can be as small as remembering to take the recycling out (I always forget), taking a 10-minute walk, getting a healthy meal on the table, or sleeping a whole eight hours. Whatever your accomplishments, kick up your heels, and be proud of yourself!

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Did you complete the Year in Review? How did it go? What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Cheers to a year of Health and Happiness!


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Moving Forward with a Year in Review

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