A Dozen Kid-Friendly Fall Recipe Ideas

12 Kid Friendly Fall Recipes

Fall is a favorite time of the year for baking and cooking – and really, what's not to love? Warm your whole kitchen and get a delicious treat out of the deal too. It's perfect. Even more so when you can involve your children in the process. 

Here are 12 fun fall recipes that you can make with your kids!


Do you have a sports fan in your family? Kids love Rice Krispie treats already, so these football treats are genius. Check out the how-tos at Moms Confession


I love these healthy cookie dough bars by Annemarie Rossi – yummy, and that fun handheld size. Kids can help you blend, spread the dough out, and older kids can even help “cut” the bars to size. 

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

There's nothing like a yummy pumpkin muffin to scream FALL! And muffins are so much fun for kids to cook – they absolutely adore helping to scoop the batter into the cups. I don't know why they get such a kick out of it, but they do. See the recipe at arg photographs

Black beans with fall garnish

Oh I love a good bowl of beans or chili in the fall. Kids feel like champs being able to choose their own toppings so provide lots of fall garnishes on the side and let them top their own dinners. YUM! Love this black beans and rice idea from Everyday Family Eats


Pumpkin spaghetti pasta dish

I adore pumpkin so this recipe for pumpkin pasta is awesome. My kids love trying pasta of different colors – sometimes we buy rainbow pasta or spaghetti in different styles. I can't wait to try this pumpkin pasta recipe. See the directions at Chocolate and Carrots

Pumpkin pancake recipe for fall breakfasts

These pumpkin pancakes are a fall favorite – kids adore them and hey – any excuse to add that pumpkin flavoring in there right? In addition to the mixing bits, kids are really good at pouring the dough onto the griddle. We have a 1/4 cup measuring cup that they use so it's simple for them to measure. See the recipe on MomsConfession.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin Recipe

What could be better than a pumpkin muffin? Layers! My kids love swirly cake so these layered muffins will be awesome. See the recipe on Blissfully Domestic.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins for Halloween or Fall Treats

I love these miniature corn-dog muffins and kids will absolutely love helping press the hot dog pieces into the muffin dough. For Halloween call them eyes or finger-tips or something equally gruesome! Another great idea from Everyday Family. 

Brussel Sprouts Brains for Fall Treats

Have you ever noticed how much brussel sprouts look like brains? I hadn't thought about it until my kids said something about it. These is a great fall recipe and – bonus! – doubles as a healthy Halloween treat. Perfect! The Roasted Popcorn Brussel Sprouts recipe can be found here. 


Sweet Basil Carrot Side Dish

Another great fall side-dish, carrots are a must-have. This recipe is a favorite at my house – my kids devour it and beg for seconds. Yes, beg for vegetables can you imagine? See the winning recipe at Untrained Housewife.


Potato soup is a classic fall dish and kids are masters at helping with soups. Smashing baked potatoes? Yes – they are totally willing to smash a bit. Also, anything that can be personalized with their own toppings is sure to please. Love this family recipe from A Southern Fairytale.  

Pumpkin scones

Last but not least, these pumpkin scones are totally awesome. Like hot pockets or what we like to call “pocket pies” at our house, this pumpkin recipe is something the kids can help with on a variety of levels. See how to make them at Eat Pray Read Love.

Which kid-friendly fall recipes will you try first? Side-dish, breakfast, dinner or dessert?

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A Dozen Kid-Friendly Fall Recipe Ideas

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