Wedding Fun! Check Out These 8 Wedding Trends for 2017

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This post may seem a little out of the norm for a pregnancy and parenting site. But it may be that you or someone you know is getting married this year. Whether it is your own wedding or a wedding you will be attending (with or without the kids!), here are eight wedding trends you can expect in 2017.

Technological Advances

The phrase “the bigger, the better” will apply to this year's dresses and trains. The more lavish and elegant, the better. Couples have been designing personalized websites for years to showcase their unique love stories online for guests to see but this year's technology takes it to a higher level. There are now tons of virtual planning apps that make it possible for a bride to have instant access to every detail of her wedding.

Live streaming is becoming very popular as a way to include guests who couldn't make it to the event. Another new trending touch is called image mapping. This is a new projection technology that allows lights and moving pictures to make the decor-walls, cake, whatever, come alive. It can turn entire rooms into falling stars or blowing tree branches, which can save tons on decorations.

The Grand Gown

Brides have always, and will always come out on top in terms of dresses but this year they are really showstoppers with elaborately full, flowing, and detailed gowns. The bigger, the better with both gowns and trains. Newer dresses now have removable skirts instead of just the train.

Ivory and white are out and replaced with blushes and pinks. “Blush is still the way to go,” said Denise Davis, of Wedding Wishlist, “Low backs, lace, and long sleeves are popular and so are top to bottom sequined bridesmaid's dresses.” 

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Fuller Florals

For years, roses have been the staples of weddings but now trends are turning to bustier, fuller blooms such as peonies or dahlias. These flowers don't have the typical tighter buds of roses but are instead open and voluptuous.

Greenery is big this year as well. No more little green sprigs in a bouquet. Now it's full-on lush green vines, potted plants, and even trees. Eucalyptus works great for all things wedding but especially for the hanging centerpiece trend or in high trumpet vases so guests can see one another.

Intense Invitations

Bolds, metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and foil embossed invitations are all on the rise this year. Dramatic and statement making seems to be the new way to go. Textured papers and velvet linens will offer a sensory experience at the ceremony and reception. No detail left untouched.

Reciprocal Receptions

Receptions are aiming to give back just as much to guests as they do for the wedding party. It's almost as if they are a new “night out.” Interactive games, live entertainment ranging from a band to a magician to a fire breather, and karaoke are all ways to get the crowd engaged having a genuinely good time. But it's your wedding, so of course they are!

Fantastic Food Choices

I'm not talking about a fantastic plate of tender chicken either. People are going big this year and renting food trucks, having open sundae and donut bars, individual food stations, and even family-style buffets. The weirder, the better.

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Portrait Photos

Old standard wedding shots are being replaced by fun, candid shots. It's a good idea to get your classic poses in, but think photo booth type pictures. Some are even setting up “portrait booths” at their weddings for guests to get free family portraits done. Talk about a win-win!

Real Life Registries

Gone are the days of registering for boring old China and towels. Of course, you can sneak them in. But registries are turning into fun personality showers. Couples are opting to register for “adventure packages” such as cooking or painting classes together. Others are asking for donations straight to their charity choice. 

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Have you noticed or heard of any other wedding trends for 2017?

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Wedding Fun! Check Out These 8 Wedding Trends for 2017

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