8 Easy Gifts and Treats for Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teachers are the people that help shape our kids into the people they will be. They educate our children, but they also nurture their well being, encourage them to be the best they can be, and push them to reach for their fullest potential. Teachers work endless hours beyond their work days and give their hearts and souls to their classrooms of children – so with that in mind, as we think forward to Teacher Appreciation Week next week, we wanted to offer you 8 Easy Gift and Treat Ideas that you can make with (or without) your kids. Each idea is affordable, unique, and a lovely gesture to show your favorite teachers your thanks for a year of hard work. 

nutella cookies

Nutella Cookies: Who doesn’t love Nutella? This is the perfect treat to create a batch of healthy goodness for your favorite educators. Bake a bunch of cookies, package them up in treat bags for multiple teachers. Your child will love going back to old teachers showing their appreciation with a couple of tasty Nutella cookies.

infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf out of Old T-Shirt: If your child’s teacher is a trendsetter, then this is the gift to make for her – and it’s something you can do for very little cost. Pick up a soft cotton t-shirt in one of this season’s “it” colors and create one of the most popular handmade wardrobe staples seen on Pinterest this year. And, don’t forget about their teaching assistant! 

magnetic tin

Magnetic Tin Pen Holder: Create a handy little magnetic dry-erase marker cup for your favorite teacher’s board or a pen cup to put on the side of their file cabinet next to their desk. Design the outside to include their name or an inspirational quote to change this project up. Pick up a set of markers or fun pens and you have a lovely, handmade teacher gift that they can put to use for years to come!

chocolate cupcakes with ganache

Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache: Hello Chocolate! These are divine. Just sayin’. Make sure to double the batch or keep a few behind for you before sending them off to the school!

mason jar candle

DIY Mason Jar Candles: Everyone loves a great candle. Add to it this blue tinted Mason jar and you have something your favorite educator can take home to enjoy. Click through to find out other ways you can personalize this handmade goody.

easy banana bread

Easy Banana Bread: Send a loaf of this easy banana bread in with a Starbucks gift card for a complete breakfast treat! The cinnamon, nuts, and banana are the perfect combination for a breakfast sweet treat.

hanging note pad

Hanging Notepad: Teachers are forever writing notes to parents, to other teachers, and to send kids around the school – this notepad made from receipt paper is perfect for making that task easy. Add a large strip of magnetic tape to the back to make sure it will hold up on the board and you make it even more teacher-friendly! 

homemade hot chocolate mix

Homemade Hot Chocolate:

We may be moving out of the colder months, but hot chocolate is a wonderfully calming sweet treat at the end of a day, and still a great gift for this week of appreciation.

How will you show your appreciation for the teachers in your life next week?

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8 Easy Gifts and Treats for Teacher Appreciation Week

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