8 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Colors

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Starting at around 18 months, toddlers begin to identify colors. Between 2 and 3 years, children begin to learn the names of the colors. Since children learn best through play, you can help your child learn colors with these fun games. 

8 Ways to Teach Your Child Colors

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Red Light, Green Light – When your child is first learning their colors, it's helpful to focus on just a couple of colors.  The classic Red Light, Green Light game is a simple way to teach the colors red and green and also helps with listening skills. 

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Construction Paper Hop – Gather up different colored 8 X 10 construction paper and lay the pieces on the floor in a path.  Hide a prize somewhere near the end of the path.  Have your child hop from paper to paper, while shouting out each color along the way.  When your child reaches the end of the path, they get to search for their prize.    

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I Spy – My kids, ages 2 and 4, love playing the I Spy color game in the car.  We take turns selecting the color to search for and then the first person to “spy” an object with that color gets a point.  This simple game makes time in the car more enjoyable.  

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Memory Color Game – Create a color memory game using paint chip samples.  Check out Pink and Green Mama's tutorial. 

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Magnetic Fish with Paper Clips –Draw 20 fish on different colored construction paper.  Cut out the fish, punch a hole at the tail end of each fish, and put a paper clip through the hole.   Tie and glue a string to the end of a stick or wooden dowel   Attach a small magnet to the end of the string, as the fishing bait.  Now your child can use their fishing rod to catch all the different colored fish.  If you are feeling more crafty you can make the fish out of felt.

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Clothespin Scavenger Hunt – Paint clothespins different colors, using acrylic paint. Clip the clothespins around the house and watch the fun unfold as your child searches for the clothespins.

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Rainbow Food – While at the grocery store, have your child search for different colored fruits and vegetables.

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DIY Color Photo Books –  Help your child gather objects that are similar colors and then take pictures of each object. Make a small color photo book using a photo album or photo printing service. Kids love seeing their own toys and other familiar items in a book.

What activities and games do you enjoy doing with your child that helps them learn colors?

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8 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Colors

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