8 Common Gender Prediction Methods

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One of the exciting parts of pregnancy is deciding if you will be finding out the gender early. If that’s a yes, the second exciting part is finding out if you’re expecting a boy or a girl. For many, the anticipation and waiting until after the 20 week anatomy scan – or longer –  can be such a wait that we look to other ways that we can help predict the gender.

We originally didn’t want to find out early with our 4th child. Having two girls and a boy already, either gender would be welcome — it was a true “just want a healthy baby” wish. It wasn’t until our kids expressed their preference for a particular gender that we decided, that if baby would allow, we would find out the gender at that anatomy scan ultrasound.

If you’re finding yourself curious about the gender of your growing baby, there are a lot of non-medical (and non-guaranteed!) ways that some people use to help predict the gender.

I have always found that I'm very curious about the gender of the baby before the halfway mark of the pregnancy could make things more clear. I would daydream about the gender, think about the potential names, and think about the true hunch that I have. I would think about what our family would look like with the extra member. I have never gone a whole pregnancy without getting some sort of medical confirmation for the gender of the baby and it’s been fun to see if my predictions were right.

If you’re finding yourself curious about the gender of your growing baby, there are a lot of different, non-medical ways that some people use to predict the gender. I am not sure if they’re accurate, but some of them would be fun to try earlier on, so you can later see if they were right in predicting the gender of your soon-to-be-born baby.

Genetic testing or ultrasound: This is by far the most accurate way of predicting the baby’s gender. While ultrasound is not always 100% accurate, if you do genetic testing, that’s rarely ever misleading. All the gender predicting ultrasounds have been correct for my babies.


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Wedding ring test: This one is just so bizarre to me. I’m not sure where it originated, but it makes no real, logical sense. The theory is that you take off your wedding ring and tie it to a string. Hold the string over your belly – if it swings in a circle, it’s a boy but if it swings back and forth, you’re expecting a girl.

Your skin: I have found this prediction method to be accurate in my case as well. The theory being that the extra hormones in your system as a result of carrying a girl increases your chances of developing acne and other skin breakouts, while a boy tends to not have that same effect.

Carrying high or low: If you’ve got a high belly, according to this gender prediction belief, you are expecting a girl. If you’re carrying low, you’ll have a boy on your hands soon. For me, I have carried differently for each pregnancy and it sometimes just depends on the way the baby is laying.


Pregnant woman is about to be sick.
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How’s your queasy?: The theory of this one, again likely from the added female hormones, is that the sicker you are in your first trimester with nausea and vomiting, the more likely you’re carrying a girl. Being pregnant with a boy is said to give you little or no morning sickness. I have had it bad for both genders and for various lengths for each pregnancy which means this one is not too reliable in my eyes.

What you’re craving: I don’t know where this one started or why it’s been so widely accepted but according to this prediction method, if you’re craving sweet foods like chocolate or ice cream you’re carrying a girl. If you’re craving salty or sour things like pickles, it’s a boy. In my experience this one has been incorrect early in all of my pregnancies.

Heart rate differences: The idea is, if you’re carrying a boy the baby’s heart rate on a Doppler will be under 140 beats per minute and a girl will be over 140 beats per minute. For me, I know that’s not been accurate in predicting our baby’s gender according to three separate radiologists and technicians looking at our growing baby.


Chinese gender chart: I have found this gender predictor chart to be quite accurate. This calendar method takes the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month in which conception occurred to predict the gender. It’s been eerily correct in my older 3 children and it’s also predicted the same gender indicated on my ultrasounds, too.

:: What do you think? Have any of these or all of these been accurate in your case? ::

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What do you think?

8 Common Gender Prediction Methods

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  1. verochka31 says:

    took a few different gender pediction test and they were all different. just prayng for a healthy baby

  2. cindy says:

    Just took the quiz on predicting the gender of the child,It says I’m am having a boy. My husband, daughter, and son think it is going to be a girl. We will see soon.

  3. Jessica says:

    I can actually tell you where the ring on a string one probably came from. It more likely than not comes from the use of a pendulum as a divination tool. You hold a chain with a pointed pendulum at the end and stay very still, ask it a question and it ill move on it’s own. If you ask before the question what means yes and what means no, it will swing in what ever direction or way the two answers are represented by.

  4. Jamie says:

    Was very interesting, I am looking forward to finding out and its to early yet so tjis fascinated me.

  5. jesster131 says:

    If you went by all of the old predictors I should have been having twins. LOL it was a 50/50 split between them as to what they said. Even when it came to the ultrasound 1 tech said girl the other pointed & said then what’s that she’s having a boy. What I have is a healthy happy boy is full of mischief.

  6. Rachel says:

    I never had to use anything. I honestly just felt like it was a boy and I was right. I felt it almost instinctively inside me.

  7. SidHarley says:

    According to Chinese calendar, old wives tales, and gender quizzes even the predictions on here, every single one said GIRL but ultrasound said BOY.

  8. Caitlyn says:

    according to the skin conditions heart rate and Chinese calendar i am having a girl Fingers crossed. 4 weeks till i know for sure

  9. Jessica says:

    I love hearing about Old Wives’ Tales and how they will predict the gender of the baby. Ideally, I would love to keep this pregnancy a secret, but who knows if my husband will let me! If I go even based off of these tricks, minus the ultrasound, half of them say I’m having a girl, but the other half say I’m having a boy! Guess I’ll find out in July!!

  10. Miranda says:

    I personally think the skin, ultrasound and chinese gender calendar are the best. According to the skin and chinese calendar I am having a girl. Ultrasound on the 7th to find out.:) However this is my second pregnancy and I can say I have/had morning sickness pretty bad both times, headaches both times, carried differently both times BUT I personally agree with Dr. Oz about carrying. Carrying- In my and Dr. Oz’s opinion- depends on your stomach muscles not gender. I agree because I’ve seen myself through both pregnancies, my sister with her only pregnancy, friends through multiple pregnancies and sister-in-law with her one pregnancy and we all carried differently. My sister and I did carry low and both had boys but my sister-in-law I couldn’t figure out if she was carrying high or low and she had a girl. But I have personally known people who were carrying one sex and carried the opposite of what the myth says. I find the wedding ring to be quite silly, but to each their own, I did not try it with either pregnancy. When I was pregnant for my son I didn’t break my out at all, with this pregnancy I keep breaking out everywhere- its frustrating and embarrassing. I also notice that my pregnancy with my son was so blissful and easy but this second one I’ve had every pregnancy symptom out there I swear. With my son, I could only eat candy- kit kats, reese’s, etc. I could rarely keep down anything else. This time I crave meat and potatoes a lot and sweets rarely. The heartbeat of this pregnancy was in the 160’s- 163 or 168 but I don’t remember my son’s seems like it was lower- but it’s been 5 years so I’m not sure. The Chinese calendar doesn’t go back far enough age wise to see if it was accurate in predicting my son’s gender. So the only ones I personally give weight to are the ultrasounds, skin, and pending my ultrasound on Tuesday- the Chinese calendar Hope this helps.

  11. Jennifer says:

    21 weeks along and have not found out the gender yet. but according to the skin thing i’m having a girl. lol felt like i am a teenager again. which is embarrassing lol

  12. gfeld says:

    There is one way that I knew right away what I am having but since my family members don’t know what I am having and they are on this site, I will not say anything until I give birth. All other methods of figuring out did not pan out correctly.

  13. Kitty says:

    I agree with the wedding ring trick, and the morning sickness maybe even the heartbeat logic. The ring trick said I;d have a girl, and the morning sickness was bad during my first trimester and the heart beat is above 140 beats per minute! They predict my baby will be a girl. I am high risk so I have to have alot of ultra sounds and so far the last two say she will be a girl!! But as for the cravings I craved both pickles and sweets XD

  14. Melody says:

    I’m 20 weeks with my second son, the 2 pregnancies absolutely could NOT be more different. Every single “old wives tale” and non-medical gender prediction technique says GIRL…but no, no, no 🙂 my angel is a boy! All of the prediction calendars were wrong, too EXCEPT for the one here on EverydayFamily. But we just couldn’t find out soon enough so we used every tool at our disposal 😉

  15. Heather says:

    I didn’t try the ring test, but just about all the other tests (chinese and Mayan calendar included) or old wives tales were wrong. My skin is great, I’m carrying low, I crave potato chips and burgers with Ranch, bacon and cheese, but the ultrasound confirmed it’s a girl 🙂

  16. rena says:

    Ultrasound should always be accurate. It is the quality and experience of the technologist that can vary. Sometimes you can’t tell because of the baby’s position but from 16 weeks and on, if the baby is in a good position there should be 100% accuracy. That’s what we deliver at Love At First Sight 3D 4D Ultrasound in Union, NJ. If you are in the NJ area and want to know your baby’s gender, come to us. We are running a crazy special right now on gender determination, 49.99.

  17. Tiffany says:

    The prediction methods were so wrong with my son. He had a heart rate of 155, I carried high (at birth people thought I was only four months along because he didn’t show much), I wanted caramel and gummy bears, had terrible acne (even my inner thighs) and hair growth was out of control. Ultrasound was the only thing that was correct (though we didn’t know about the prediction chart and didn’t try the rings). I also got really nauseated.

    This time I’m carrying lower, haven’t got quite as sick, hardly any pimples, no extreme hair, and the heart rate is 155 again (same edd too!!). Prediction chart says girl. We find out in about 4 weeks. I do want a girl this time around so I can get mytubes tied (pill failed so iI’m having “Irish twins”).

  18. sayhola says:

    Also, I have trouble with the Chinese chart due to the word “conception.” If you are not smack dab in the middle of the month when you ovulate, how can you be sure which month you truly conceived? Maybe that’s why I am reading it wrong and also thought my son would be a girl. ???

    • sayhola says:

      And/or your age – I conceived my son during my birthday month, and think he was conceived when I was only 33, but again – you never “really” know. 😉

  19. sayhola says:

    How about hair growth? My SIL had to shave her legs much more frequently when she was pregnant with a girl (her 3rd pregnancy to 2 other boys). I haven’t had that issue, contributing to my thoughts that this second baby is also a boy. 😉 Hear rate didn’t work for us – had me convinced our first-born was a girl (we didn’t know) and boy, were we surprised!!! So much fun not to know. Sometimes I wish I knew, but mostly happy I don’t. 😉

  20. Most of these have not pointed in one way or another other than the ultrasound showing a boy. The Chinese gender chart was accurate while another type of gender chart was incorrect, lol.

  21. Phammom says:

    Our son hasn’t arrived yet but all these myths point to boy for me except the heart beat.

  22. Shana says:

    My first child was suppose to be a boy and came out a girl..

    • Heather says:

      I’m scared this one will come out a boy when they told me it was a girl. They couldn’t tell the first time, but at the next ultrasound, they said what they thought were boy parts was actullay the umbilical cord. If it is a boy… he’ll be wearing a pink outfit home 🙂

  23. Leah says:

    I carried high, had no morning sickness, got acne and other skin issues, craved sour and salty food, had a higher than 140 bpm heart rate and ,…… it was a girl

  24. Elfie says:

    They were half and half. Ultrasound, carry, queasiness, and cravings were all correct.
    While the ring test (I got both answers), skin, heart rate, and Chinese chart were wrong.

  25. kira says:

    Actually, the ring test is supposed to be used using a ring the father gave the mother, like an engagement ring and a piece of the mothers hair. Also if it is a circle it is a girl, a straight line is a boy, it makes more sense if you think about the reproductive organs. I have used this method for both of my children, in the first trimester. Both times it has been right for me.

    • Tiffany says:

      And I have always heard it came from Hungarian/Romanian roots. We didn’t try with the first one but I’m getting anxious in WK 16 the 2nd time around so I might try.


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