7 Ways to Truly Be Present with Your Baby

ways to be truly present with your baby

It is no surprise that various research, books, forums, and parents have come to this conclusion – babies and toddlers thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally, when their parents and/ or caretakers are fully present, and involved with them in their daily lives. You don't have to be a stay-at-home parent to do this. There are many opportunities in everyday activities that you can participate in to be truly present with your baby.

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Way #1 – Talk to your baby Say good morning to your baby. Respond accordingly when he coos. When you're changing his diaper, talk to him. Point out his hands and fingers, tell him where his eyes and ears are. Do this as part of a routine. 

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Way #2 – Enjoy bath time If you work during the day, use bath time, just before your baby goes to bed, as your time together. Play together, talk to him, and take the opportunity to introduce sensory play materials when he is old enough to enjoy them. Things like colored water and bathroom chalk can be great fun for both parent and child. 

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Way #3 – Read a book, or two Incorporate reading a couple of books into your daily routine. Bedtime is usually a good time to do this, as it is a great wind down activity. 

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Way #4 – Jive to some music Babies LOVE music; mine has been known to bob his head up and down when he hears a catchy tune. Get silly with your baby. Turn on some music and dance with him. Or, if you love singing, sing! 

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Way #5 – Make mealtimes enjoyable When your baby is old enough to eat and join you for meal times, make it a fun experience. Let her pick up the food, allow her to feed herself, and if it gets messy, that's okay. It's all part of the learning process. Point out the names of the foods, and cheer her on when she manages to put something in her mouth. Meal times should not be battle fields, as this can lead to future problems.

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Way #6 – Get down on their level and play There is no better way to bond with your child than to get down to their level and just play. Build blocks, bang on toy keyboards, have pretend conversations on the phone, or teach him how to shape sort. 

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Way #7 – When you can, cuddle Cuddling and hugging your baby is not only good for her, it's good for you. Babies love touch, and cuddling is a way to show them your love, your presence, your mindfulness. What daily activities do you enjoy with your baby? 

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7 Ways to Truly Be Present with Your Baby

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