7 Parenting Trends to Look For in 2019

The New Year is almost upon us as parents and along with all those new year resolutions comes a whole new year of parenting. As older parents lament how a year has gone by already, new parents may be wondering if the new year will hold a little bit more ease for them as they adjust to the demands of parenting. 

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No matter where you are at as a parent, however, you may notice that 2019 parenting looks a bit different next year. Here are some of the top parenting trends to watch out for in the new year! 

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Lawnmower parenting

Out with helicopter parenting and in with the “lawnmower” parenting. According to the viral post that inspired the term, lawnmower parents are guilty of “mowing down” any obstacles that their children may face so they never actually to encounter any adversity. In the original post, a college professor came up with the term after a parent made a special trip from work to drop off a fancy water bottle to his 17-year-old, despite the fact that the campus was teeming with water fountains. Instead of helicopter parents, who hover around to pick their children up when they fall, lawnmower parents are one step ahead, lining the playground with cushy blankets or air pockets so their fall never hurts in the first place. 

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Good-bye gender reveals

I say this as a parent who fully did a gender reveal with my 4th baby, primarily as an excuse to have a party, but the once-popular gender reveal parties may be on the decline in the new year. Not only are they starting to get the reputation as being a bit frivolous and over-the-top when the focus should be on a healthy pregnancy, but some parents are expressing concern about reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes with parties that are all about the “pink” or “blue.” 

Real talk about miscarriage

Previous generations of parents may have hidden their secrets about how they grew their family behind closed doors, but today's parents aren't afraid to talk about the hard stuff. More celebrity stories and high-profile figures, from Carrie Underwood to Michelle Obama, are helping to start the conversation about miscarriage, infant, and pregnancy loss. An emphasis on the good and the hard parts about parenting is a trend for the new year that will be sure to stick around. 

More self-care

According to a May 2018 Pinterest report on parents, 44% of moms who use the app report wanting more self-care, like a girls' night or a spa getaway. 2019 parents aren't about running themselves into the ground anymore; they are recognizing that self-care is an important part of parenting and looking for a way to incorporate real self-care into their lives. Spas with childcare, anyone?


Partnered parenting

An April 2018 Pew Research Center report revealed that among unmarried parents, single mothers no longer dominate the head of households; instead, a new trend is growing among unmarried parents: partnered parents, or parents living together who aren't married. The majority of parents who are living together but aren't married are opposite-sex couples. And while the overall negative view of unmarried parenthood, in general, has decreased, the report did reveal that a majority of Americans (66%) reported viewing a single mother as raising her children alone as “bad” for society.  A rise in births that occur outside of marriage, as well as an overall decline in the birth rate, has contributed to the rise, so time will tell if the trend continues in the new year. 

“Fed Up” parenting

Thanks to the book inspired by the viral essay by writer Gemma Hartley, the mantra for 2019 moms might just be simple: they are Fed Up. Hartley's book explores the concept of emotional labor and urges modern parents to start talking about this invisible division of labor that holds so many mothers, fathers, and relationships back in a major way. If you're not talking about who notices that you're out of toilet paper and diapers and who “magically” remembers to restock it in your house, it's a conversation you need to be having. 

Flip-phone parenting

OK, so this may not be a trend that sticks, but if you're approaching the age where you need to get in touch with your kid but really, really don't want them to be sucked into the world of smartphones just yet, you may want to remember the latest parenting trend of bringing back the flip phone. ABC News reported just this month that the humble flip-phone is making a comeback as parents want to find a way to keep their kids safe, while still embracing the “simple” life before technology took over our brains. 

What parenting trends do you think will make an appearance in 2019?

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7 Parenting Trends to Look For in 2019

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