7 Baby Products to Skip

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With all the baby products out there, starting a registry can feel like an overwhelming task! What do you register for? Well, I can tell you one thing: you don’t need to register for a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I see them on Craigslist, at yard sales, and in the free bin at the library enough to know you should NOT be paying full price for one! But there are also those products at the store that look like they will be awesome to have, but that just don’t end up that way. I asked several moms what product they could have done without, and while the results varied, there were a couple that stood out. Here are a few things some everyday moms say they’d skip the second time around.

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Diaper Genie
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1. Diaper System

While the idea seems appealing (no more stinky diaper smell is always a plus!), the application just isn’t worth it. One mom said, “With the amount of times my baby was pooping, that thing was filling up fast! I was changing the bag all the time, anyway, and they are not cheap. While the room was never really stinky, it never smelled fresh either. Also, the idea that I was choosing to keep a growing pile of feces in the room with my infant made me uncomfortable. In the end, it wasn’t that much more of a hassle to just take it outside to the trash in a plastic bag.”

wipe warmer
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2. Wipe Warmers

Unless you live in Antarctica or plan on keeping your wipes outside in a snow bank, room-temperature wipes will be just fine for your little one's bum. If you’re really concerned, you can warm them up between your hands for a second—but be careful, especially if you’re changing a little boy. That time could be just long enough to remind him he needs to pee again!


changing table
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3. Changing Table

I think I used my actual changing table to change a diaper maybe a handful of times. It was upstairs, I was downstairs—it just wasn’t convenient. Not to mention that once my kids were big enough to move, I was so busy holding them down so they didn’t wiggle off. The floor just became a more realistic option for the change.

Baby Shoes
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4. Shoes for Non-Walkers

Don’t misunderstand, I have seen some “so adorable you just have to have them” baby shoes, too. But do little humans who can’t walk really need shoes? Probably not. Is that $20 probably better spent on diapers? Probably so. I hate the fact that I had some adorable pairs of baby shoes that I was gifted for my kids that they just never wore.

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baby bathtub
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5. Infant Bathtub

Did you know that your home has a built in infant bathtub!? It’s called the kitchen sink! Infant bathtubs take up a lot of space and can get really heavy when they’re full. We ended up using it inside the big tub so it was easier to drain, but it can be back-breaking to lean over the side of the big tub holding a baby in a little tub. Long, whiney story short—I loved bathing my babies in the kitchen sink. Easy peasy.


baby walking with fingers
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6. Walking Wings

This is meant to assist your baby and help them walk. There are two reasons I would skip this: 1. I never wanted my babies to walk sooner—it opens a whole new can of worms, and 2. IT'S BACK-BREAKING! It gets really old, really quickly. I quickly felt like Quasimodo. (And if you really want to help them walk, a towel wrapped in front of their chest and under each arm is a much cheaper alternative!)

infrared monitor
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7. Video Baby Monitors

These infrared monitors with night vision not only let you spy on your baby while they’re sleeping, but there’s also a setting to “scan” the baby’s room. For what? I’m not exactly sure, but be sure if the monitor’s alert feature tells you that someone or something is in the room with your baby and you go running in to find that your baby was safe and sleeping soundly, but is now awake and cranky because you woke them up all in the name of a room scan of some moving dust, you might just be cursing the monitor. I say save yourself a lot of money and a lot of trouble, and use your God-given baby monitors—your ears! After three children, I’ve learned if something is really wrong, you will hear their crying!

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What would you have skipped purchasing for your little one? Did you love one of the products that these other mothers would skip? Why? Tell me in the comments!

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7 Baby Products to Skip

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  1. George says:

    My brother had his first 11 months before mine and there were some recommendations of what not to get but since I got some of those things gifted to us anyways we gave them a try and ended up actually using and liking them. Two of those things not to bother buying were the changing pad, my brother said they would change my nephew on their bed but I quickly found out that bending down to the bed was more uncomfortable for us and since we got one of those changing tables with drawers to store baby cloths and other stuff (side note we bought the crib and changing table second hand on Offerup, saves a lot of money) we found that the height of the table was easy on our backs; and, the second thing was the swing/rocker, they never used it but we sure did and still are. As for this article: diaper genie – yes; shoes – yes, only because they were they were gifted, I wouldn’t spend money on them; wipe warmer – yes, not necessary but feel better knowing my baby doesn’t get that cold wipe in the middle of the night (even room temp feel cold at night with AC on), only downside is the lid keeps popping open to we hold it down with whatever heavy object; bath tub – not yet but yes, at least when I get to bathe baby I will use it, my wife bathes him in her arms while she showers, pretty sure that will change soon, he’s getting heavier; baby video monitor – yes and it has a feature where you can log on and see him from work using home Wi-Fi; walking wings – never herd of it, guess not necessary. Something else we didn’t need were those extra storage bottles for breast pumped milk, my wife only gave him breast milk for 2 months and returned to work, she isn’t able to pump at work and her flow dried out anyways.

  2. lisa says:

    I disagree with some of these things.

    I love my Diaper Geni, always used it. It actually keeps the smell contained when a regular trash can didn’t.
    I used a changing table only with my granddaughter, my kids I changed anywhere. But after getting custody of the grandbaby, our ages made it a little harder to bend down all the time to the floor, the changing table just made it easier to change her.
    Forget shoes, I agree with that fully, she was always in feetie jammies most of the time, it was eaiser, warmer, and it even contained blow outs.
    I never used a wipe warmer, and hardley used the infant tub with my first, never with my second or the grandbaby.
    The walking wings is just a stupid invention, I would never use that one.
    Never had a video monitor, just sound ones, they worked fine for me.

    I will say a Toddler bed was a waste of money though. Never had on for my kids, but did buy one for the granddaughter. She was in in for less than 6 months, then I bought her a loft bed. Just keep them in a crib a long as you can and then to a real bed that they will have for years.
    New is not always needed either, probably 80% of her stuff came from friends, or I bought at a resale shop for a fraction of the cost. Then I turn around and give it to someone else when she is done with it.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I bought a little $10 pedal open garbage can from Wal-Mart and stuck an air freshener to the lid. Use recycled shopping bags as liners and bam, instant diaper pail. Also, I totes agree about the baby bath tub, what a pain in my keister, especially since the bathroom in our new house doesn’t have the counter space the bathroom in the old house did! I just take my daughter in the shower with me. Never tried the rest of that junk, it just seemed way unnecessary to me!

  4. mspia4 says:

    I had my first child 7yrs ago and now having another.
    Diaper pail was great except I learned ants like infant urine and was not a fan of the diaper champ. Going to get the genie.
    Changing table we never used. Probably because it was a cheap one bought as a gift and I didn’t trust it to hold my baby. This time using changing pad on dresser more for when my daughter wants to help change her sister.
    Sink baths definitely did. Even had a special faucet installed and I also put her in the shower with dad good bonding moment. People it’s called bleach and it’s not gross unless you don’t clean your sink. Its been done for ages
    Monitor… no. But if you have a large home good idea
    Wipe warmers suck period.
    shoes I liked them in the winter
    pack and play bought the smallest one and used it on trips and as a co sleeper. Must have! the big one’s are overrated
    Walking wings were daddy and mommy lol…
    another item the dishwasher basket… better off Washing them by hand. Use a vinegar solution.
    I’m very excited for my 2nd and definitely happy to save money this time. Even made my own burb cloths and swaddling blankets

  5. Stacey209 says:

    I disagree with a couple things on the list.
    1. I still use the changing table and my kiddo is 16 months now. It had shelves for supplies and such too. Everything is 1 place. No issues.
    2. Baby bathtub. I never got on board with the kitchen sink thing. I can’t wash my baby in the same place I wash her bottles. Yuck. Bathroom sink is too small. Plus, there was no mess when we were done in the bathroom.
    3. Video monitor. I still use it. It gives me peace of mind. I can see what she is up too. I can’t hear her in my bedroom. Plus, I don’t have to get up everytime she makes a peep to check on her. I can see her in the monitor.

    The other stuff – I agree is a waste.

  6. Andrea says:

    I can’t understand how people bathe their babies in the kitchen sink. It’s just not right. The amount of bacteria present in the sink, even in the most pristine houses ( when you have a baby I doubt anyone can keep up with keeping it pristine) is disgusting. Please, stop!

  7. DESIREE says:

    I love my changing table which is upstairs in my baby’s room and we use it daily. When we have company or friends over we change her upstairs. We have a Graco Pack N Play which we have downstairs, it is used when we are downstairs with her, as some days we are downstairs most of the day or out in the back yard, so it is easy to change her downstairs. On Super Bowl Sunday we had a Super Bowl Party with lots of friends and family, and when it was time to change her we took her upstairs to her room. She was changed on the changing table. I love the Graco Pack N Play because it has all the convenient things a hanging bed, a rocker and the play pen along with storage areas on the side for lotions, diaper cream, oil, wipes and pampers. . It also has wheel so it can be taken out in the back yard or take to the beach on picnic days. Some things are worth having especially if you are thinking or hoping to have another child or more children. Also if you have the space to fit it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. DESIREE says:

    I would skip the baby shoes. My baby got shoes from friends whose children has out grown theirs. They are all big for her now, she wears socks with frills, lace and bows for now. I feel it is a waste of money to buy baby shoes when the baby is too small to walk. When my baby starts practicing to walk I will the buy walking training booths, which can help support her feet and ankles. They are great and supportive as I used to used them on my older child.

  9. Erin says:

    When my baby was first born, I used the change table for every diaper and clothing change for her, since I had a C-section and was told not to stoop or bend too much, so the floor wasn’t an option. Now that she’s bigger, we change her on the floor so she can have some free kicking time too, but we still use the table at night because it’s just easier and faster. Also, it’s great for storage and organization in her nursery. We weren’t going to buy a baby bath tub because I figured we’d just use the sink, but a friend gave us one, and I’m glad she did. Our girl quickly got too big for the sink. The one we have has a hole and a plug in the bottom, so it’s easy to drain. We put it on the kitchen counter, fill it with water from the sink, then drain it into the sink…easy peasy!

  10. tangled says:

    Thank so much for this article very very interesting

  11. i agree most of the stuff is just for people to make money! my aunt got us the diaper thing and i hate it we run thru the bags so fast and its 6 bucks to get one thing of the refills! As far as he changing table i love mine it makes things easier i have straps on mine so he cant roll its great so im not hurting my back on the floor that or chasing him bc hes rolling/crawling away lol

  12. liz says:

    tnx os much for this article very interesting 🙂

  13. kimberly says:

    i will be a first time mom and articles like these are very helpful!! I have people coming at me all the time telling me what to do or what to buy. I am 11 weeks and it can be very overwhelming. I love to coupon, hit consingment shops and such so saving money anywhere i can is a plus!!

    • try going to the produces website a lot of times you can find free samples its nice i got a few free bottles and such and when you registering do so at different stores some give you free samples and most give you tons of coupons so its kinda fun to register at a lot of stores and it gives every one a wide ranges to choose from.

  14. jessica says:

    I thought the diaper pail was a tad expensive. Even the refills were expensive… all that just for poop! We bought a 10$ pale from walmart and buy the little kitchen bags. Way cheaper. For the change table I actually use mine all he time. Same level house. Guess that makes a difference. Plus the baby loves the animals on the changing pad. He babbles to them all the time

  15. teresa85 says:

    Wow that is an interesting article! I have a couple of those things already. I found with my first baby it was easier to give a bath with the infant tub in the sick, helped save my back and it really wasn’t hard to maneuver. It is though annoying to store especially with a new one on the way I didn’t want to give it up! I think that the infrared camera is a little over done. Our house is small and in the beginning I did use a regular monitor but it seemed like it made it sound like the baby was crying in stereo! So we eventually got rid of it and only used it if we were downstairs or doing something in a different part of the room. Great article!! Glad I didn’t opt for a lot of those things!

  16. Marilyn says:

    I agree with the diaper pail. We received one at my shower for my oldest and it just filled up so fast and the bags were so heavy. Then the long tubular shape of the bags didn’t fit so well in our trash bags. It was just a waste. Had we not received it at the shower, we never would have bought it ourselves. I disagree with the changing table. Yes, once they are bigger and squirming it doesn’t make much sense to use them, but when you have a newborn and your back is screaming with pain, the elevation of the changing table is great! Everything else we didn’t bother with for the reasons listed in the blog.

  17. Kelsey says:

    I got a wipe warmer, i tried to use it, but it being plugged in in one place never seemed to be close enough to where i was changing her. so it was a waste. i just change her on the floor or the couch, which ev er is closer. I also have not used the bath tub but only once myself, i just get in the tub and wash her in nthere with me because there is always someone around to come get her from me. but gamgam uses the tub when i am not home and it is bath time, so i guess it is kind of useful. never bothered with the diaper genie, i just use the bags you buy from the dollar store, you get 75 for a dollar that are meant to put poo diapers in, i just toss the peepee ones. as for moniters, i just use the regular one that only does sound, because baby will cry if something strange is going on and that will wake me up.

  18. Colleen says:

    We had originally planned to just use a changing pad on top of our sons dresser but someone gave us a hand me down changing table and I don’t know what I would do without it. I do agree that a diaper genie is a waste of money because you have to buy special liners for it. I love my diaper disposal because we can just use a regular garbage bag which is what we would be doing anyway. Part of me does wish I had saved money and gotten a regular garbage can with a lid and a couple febreeze stick and refresh. Every time I throw a diaper away I smell all the fermenting diapers already in there anyway.

  19. I couldn’t live without my changing table and I also really like my diaper genie. I didn’t find any of the other things necessary and didn’t buy them. The thing I never really used was the crib bedding. I received a set with a sheet, bed ruffle, bumpers and comforter. Cute but not practical. I’ve used the sheet but nothing else. Also, I bought a bottle warmer that either got the bottle too hot or didn’t warm it up enough. I returned it and just warmed up a cup of water in the microwave to put the bottle in.

  20. Lenas says:

    I don’t agree with the diaper pail; however, I made sure I got one that you could use any standard bag with so it didn’t cost more. I do think a changing table is a wast of money and takes up too much space. It wasn’t feasible for me to go to my daughter’s room every time I needed to change her. I agree that a wipe warmer is unnecessary also. I strongly disagree with the baby bathtub. My kitchen sink is way too small to bathe my 2 month old in. I received a tub that has a drain plug and folds up when you’re done so it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to drain. I put it right on the counter next to the sink and it drains into the sink when we’re done. They say that it’s better for babies not to wear shoes until they can walk and even then only when they will be outside or somewhere where shoes are necessary. It’s better for their feet to go without them as much as possible. I’ve never heard of Walking Wings so yeah probably wouldn’t spend the money on those either. I disagree with the video monitor. I have one that I still use to keep on my 2 and half year old. I never used it at night because our room is right next door but for naps when she was a baby and when she’s playing now it’s awesome. Mine does not have the scanning feature though. Just my opinion.

  21. Jillian says:

    I agree with most of these except for the changing table and the baby bathtub (though my definition may be a little different). I use my changing table daily, morning and night. Yes, it’s upstairs and I’m down for some of the diaper changes but it still gets enough use that it’s worth it. I did get mine for free as a hand-me-down from a friend though, but I still would have asked for one. As for the baby bathtub, we used a mesh chair in the tub to sit her in until she was able to sit on her own and I will say from the one experience I had trying to bathe her in the sink, I will pick bending over the tub for 10 minutes any day!

  22. I love our diaper genie, plus my 16 month loves throwing his little sister’s diapers away in it and it makes our garbage less stinky. I was given a wipe warmer at my baby shower, but have never opened it. We have an infant tub, I wouldn’t feel comfortable washing my 5lb newborn in the kitchen sink, especially when she is wet, I would be afraid she would slip in the sink while I was washing her or something else would happen. we don’t have any other things, I change both of my kids on the floor, my son is too wiggly for a changing table and i’m sure my daughter will be the same given some time.

  23. bmattler92 says:

    i agree with all of them except the diapering system and changing table. I love my diaper genie. it makes diaper disposal a much easier job. my changing table makes diapering a much is easier task.

  24. Erica says:

    I LOVE our wipe warmer. It makes middle of the night diaper changes go much smoother in the winter. I’ve read so many articles discounting them, but for my little guy (who minds cold bits in the night) it’s a lifesaver. I feel like it’s a mini spa treatment. So much better than a cold wipe!
    Also, I bathe him in the sink now that he can sit up, but we had many happy times in his little whale bathtub until he fell in love with splashing. It was definitely easier for daddy and I both to participate in bath time that way.


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