6 Ways to Feel Sexy While Pregnant

Image via Flickr/lanbui
Image via Flickr/lanbui

I feel most beautiful when I am pregnant. Weird, right? I love the new curves, the weekly changing shape, and there's been no other time in my life where I feel so feminine — even through the nausea, weight gain, and aches and pains. I know many feel the same way when they're pregnant, but I also know it can swing the other way where you feel totally un-sexy. Many side effects or symptoms of pregnancy are not exactly mood enhancers and neither is waking up and finding you don't have anything that fits in your closet, but I truly believe it's more mind over matter here.

I made a promise to myself this pregnancy, that I was going to embrace and love all the changes.

I made a promise to myself this pregnancy, that I was going to embrace and love all the changes. It's my fourth child, so really anything that comes up shouldn't be much of a surprise. But I was going to watch how I framed all these changes in pregnancy, and it's really helped me feel more sexy and less frumpy.

If you're finding your sexy dwindling during your pregnancy, here are some tips on how to improve that feeling and how to feel sexy while pregnant:

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Watch what you say: I so often hear women call themselves “fat” or “huge” while pregnant, and those words are not going to help you feel any better. What I like to do is frame it more accurately and say “my belly is growing” or “look how wonderfully our baby is growing.” It helps take the changes outside of your body, and really, it's not fat — it's baby!

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Keep up what you can: This pregnancy has been all about doing small things that help me feel beautiful despite many of the symptoms I am experiencing. I have been very nauseated and still vomit quite often this pregnancy, but for me having whiter teeth and wearing lipstick, a nice dress, or a manicure seems to help with this downside. No one wants to puke all the time, and it's certainly not sexy, but if you're wearing red lipstick while you do it, it's a big help–surprisingly. 


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Treat yourself: I feel most beautiful when I have some things any-time ready. It helps to make regular appointments to have my brows waxed, which always helps me feel better. I also take pride in having my hair highlights done and love a manicured (at home) nail color. When you can't control some parts of pregnancy that don't make you feel good, controlling those small things that help you feel better can make a world of difference in how you feel. 

Image via Flickr/emerille
Image via Flickr/emerille

Buy something sexy: Whether it's a sexy nightgown, a pair of pretty shoes (that still fit), or a dress that makes you feel your best and flaunts those curves, showing off your best assets, it's hard not to feel sexy when your partner can't keep his eyes off you. 

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Stay connected: Holding hands, making eye contact, having scheduled dates, and not being afraid to have fun in the bedroom will help you feel the sexiest you can. With so many changes, fears, and unknowns ahead of you, it's understandable that you may feel not quite like yourself, but staying connected with your partner can make a big difference for both of you. 

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Talk to your doctor: So many people have fears about what is safe during pregnancy and what's not. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the safety of being intimate with your partner, and allow them to squash any fears you or your partner may have. Unless you've got medical concerns, staying intimate with your partner is usually totally safe (and recommended for happiness) during pregnancy.

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6 Ways to Feel Sexy While Pregnant

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  1. Rachael says:

    I loved this article and thought that it was spot on! I had just finished college courses a few weeks prior to finding out that I was pregnant so for me resuming life as normal as possible made me feel sexy and independent . Dressing more feminine and continuing to bond with my spouse helped as well but I really had to encourage him to let me do what I can on my own. The third trimester is the best for feeling sexy and empowered.

  2. Jubilee says:

    i also agree with Kimberly… i women should never have to feel like they have to put on make up to feel more beautiful or buy expensive or new clothing just to feel better or be noticed. to me material things are no important to be more beautiful, natural beauty is whats really attractive

  3. Jubilee says:

    I never thought that i could find a man to be so supportive, who finds pregnancy as a beautiful gift like my husband. He is so amazing and makes me feel so much more beautiful/sexier then i have ever felt in my entire life, especially while being pregnant. I honestly do feel more beautiful and definitely more feminine. I always knew i would love the feeling its to feel to be pregnant, and i knew i\d be trilled to feel my baby move inside me. my husband tells me how perfect he thinks i become everyday with my changing body and also speaks of how excited he is to watch me and our first baby grow inside of me, he adores my belly and talks to baby every morning and sleeps with his hand on my tummy as do i. i was so afraid to become big and feel fat or un attractive but i feel everything but that. thanks to the help and support from my wonderful partner, he is so patient and i swear he has become more sexually attracted to me even more since becoming pregnant and its a shocking but uplifting surprise. i feel for the women who do not have this type of positive affection from there significant others and i wish you all the luck/happiness in the world to you and your little ones.

  4. corind says:

    i have major issues in the feeling sexy department but my boyfriend is amazing at making me feel beautiful and stuffs even when I complain about not being able to close some of my jeans or get off of the couch by myself. he keeps reminding me that there is only 3 months left of this and loves the fact that some of my shirts don’t cover my belly all the way

  5. Ros says:

    I feel both of the 2 lady but my pregnancy i had too make myself. Feel beautiful alone this is my 4th and i had being alone. With all of them, the father doesnt want too be a real men it sad being pregnant and alone but that is nothing i can do when i see the other pregnant women with someone too be there all the time it makes me cry cuz want too be treat it like the same too bad that person dont no what he gat. I feel sometime i fell mad at myself cuz my beautiful kids deserd better even though he is the one doing everything wrong.

  6. Nancy says:

    My boyfriend tells me every day how much he loves me and our baby and rubs my belly and kisses it he also tells me how beautiful i look and makes me feel sexy. Not in a dirty way but in a sweet way.

  7. kimberly says:

    while this article was awesome…..there should be a side note for the daddy to make you (if he isn’t already) feel sexy. my husband everyday tells me I am beautiful, rubs my belly, smiles at me, and tells me he can’t wait to see our baby get bigger in my belly. No amount of pedicure, clothes, lipstick or anything beats that.


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