6 Reasons Your Second Pregnancy Isn’t As Much Fun

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When you think about it, pregnancy is kind of amazing. Our bodies grow and change in incredible ways to fit the needs of a growing baby.

At 16 weeks, I’m starting to realize pregnancy isn’t quite as wondrous the second time around.

The first time I was pregnant, I was in awe of what was happening to me. Sure, I had nausea, intense fatigue, “pregnancy brain,” and insane mood swings, but I also couldn’t get enough of the tiny kicks and nudges from my baby boy. I’m not going to lie: I also loved the thick hair and good skin the pregnancy hormones brought me. Every appointment with my OB brought new joy – every moment was the “first time,” from my ultrasound to my first Braxton-Hicks contractions (yeeks!) I can honestly say I enjoyed almost every minute of my first pregnancy.

A recent Huffington Post article outlined all the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy to help accommodate our new temporary resident. Hormones cause ligaments to stretch in order to give the baby more room; progesterone causes changes in breathing to lower carbon dioxide levels in the blood; we grow a whole. new. organ (the placenta!)

In my opinion, it’s much easier to appreciate the wonders of pregnancy the first time around. At 16 weeks, I’m starting to realize pregnancy isn’t quite as wondrous the second time around.

Here’s my list of the 6 reasons your second pregnancy isn't as much fun.

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You Show Sooner 

I may have lost all the baby fat from number one, but my abs never got the memo to get back in shape – and I’m not the only one. Experts say a mother’s abdominal muscles naturally weaken after their first pregnancy, so they show sooner with their second. This means I’m pulling the maternity clothes out much sooner than I did first time (goodbye, skinny jeans! I’ll miss you!)

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Your Attention is Divided

I remember epic couch-sitting sessions during my first pregnancy, eating ice cream and feeling my son move. Not so much this time. With a toddler in perpetual motion, it’s difficult to even take a breather, much less lounge around for hours. It’s also more difficult to concentrate on my growing baby when my first baby is begging for attention, so I might miss the tiny moments that made my first pregnancy so much fun. It’s my first taste of juggling multiple kiddos!


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You’re More Fatigued

Eight p.m. bedtimes were the norm with my first pregnancy, but I haven’t been this lucky with the second. Not only am I caring for an active toddler and working full time, I’m cleaning up toys, fixing little daycare lunches, and washing mini-socks – all tasks I didn’t have the first time around. No rest for the weary for second (and third, and fourth!) time mamas.

Image via Flickr/tanya_little
Image via Flickr/tanya_little

More Aches and Pains

Loss of muscle tone and stretched ligaments not only cause second-time moms to look more pregnant, they can cause aches and pains earlier.  Back pain and pelvic pain are some of the top complaints for second-time moms. For me, I’m feeling pelvic pain far sooner than during my first pregnancy. Also, that 25-pound toddler who insists on hanging around my neck like a monkey isn’t helping matters.

Image via Flickr/lsuchick
Image via Flickr/lsuchick

Diet is More Difficult

Eating well has been way more difficult during my second pregnancy. Morning sickness has plagued me far into the second trimester, and it’s rare I can finish a meal while it’s hot (thanks, toddler!) Also, I’m a bit more lax about what I put into my body. I kept close tabs on the “Do Not Eat List” the first time around, but this time? I’d like a club sandwich, please.


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You Know What’s Coming

I gestated my baby for 40 and a half weeks the first time around, blissfully unaware of the firestorm that was about to be unleashed. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but my husband and I certainly didn’t’ expect some of the changes that came along with having a newborn. With the second pregnancy, you know how tired you’re going to be and how many times your baby will throw up on you and all the other slightly unpleasant aspects of newborn parenting. Ignorance is bliss?

Which pregnancy did you enjoy more: first or second?

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6 Reasons Your Second Pregnancy Isn’t As Much Fun

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  1. Brennetta says:

    I have a 7 year old son and I am due with a little girl in December. I personally wouldn’t say this time around is no fun, I’m definitely aware of more stretching and pains, but understand that if I do exercises my body adjusts and is fine. It will also help with labor and deliver when that time comes. I wasn’t sick with my son and I’m not sick with my daughter, so you could say its a good pregnancy. Although late night runs to the bathroom, pains from stretching and balancing life is not easy. Even though my son is old enough to do things on his own, he is still very attached and depends on me. But with baby # 2 I get to experience the bond her and my son already have, just because I involve him in different things I do. I have him pray for her, read to her and every time he sees me he addresses his sister as well, as if she’s in my arms. I definitely find this way more rewarding. Everybody has a different view on what it’s like for them and this article points out exactly what I have experienced so far. I’m not in a rush to have baby #3, even though daddy is already considering it, but I am excited to be having the best of both worlds.

  2. Lynsay says:

    I have just enjoyed my third pregnancy and I have to say it has been the best. I kept well throughout, ate very healthy andstayed active. I think staying positive throughout your pregnancy most definitely helps.

  3. Unique says:

    I had no morning sickness first two children 2009 and 2011 and third one, due October 2014 gave me the worst morning sickness ever. It made me depressed the first 4-6 weeks and the other two are boys. I have feelings this may be a girl and I hope so too.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I must say everything in the article applies to me. with my first pregnancy I was scared but excited. This pregnancy has had me down and sick so much that I just want my little angel to come on so I can get this over with :-(. After I had my first I was like oh yeah I can do this again in the future. 4 years later and pregnant with number two im like I don’t want to do this again 🙁

  5. Romina says:

    I must say…up until now, I thought I was the only one on the verge of having a breakdown. My goodness. Being pregnant the second time around, has made me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I absolutely have no time to relax and rest my body, specially having gestational diabetes and having to be on top of my diet, and happy because I know, my kids will grow up together at the same time, since my son will be 15 months when my daughter will be born. They’ll be done with diapers at pretty much the same time and will be off to school at I think the same time.
    But there are times when I feel truly exhausted. My son wants to be held all the time, there are times when all he does is whine and just gets on my nerves, more when I feel like I am sleep deprived.
    I, unfortunately, did not get to enjoy my first pregnancy much either, since we ended up moving to a different city and with my husband’s new job, it only meant that I had to take care of all the moving arrangements on my own. That was huge stress for me. There were, however, times when I got to sit down and feel every kick and move that my son made and that thrilled my beyond words could express.
    Wow, it’s amazing how a few sentences can really make you feel so much lighter. Up until now, I felt like everything was just bottled up inside.
    Thank you for this amazing article, I look forward to reading some more of your material. :))

  6. Kristin says:

    I am 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant today and I agree with all 6! Can’t wait to be done!

  7. Megan says:

    Almost all of these things that are either a point of view or entirely preventable. Splitting attention between your baby and a toddler?? Get your toddler involved! Buy them their own baby and explain what’s going on. Watch shows about being a big brother or sister. They will be so interested in sitting with you and watching baby move too! Before my last mc this is what I did with my son (not the movement… we just talked to bean) and he loved it. The showing early and the muscle aches and pains?? Do your squats and kegels, women! Sheesh. And if you’re not marveling at your pregnancy, that’s your deal. Every pregnancy is different and has marvels of its own. They’re there, you just have to find them. And finally… make the permanent change. After my son I got back into the junk food and easy meals that weren’t that healthy. After I decided to get certified to teach birthing classes I decided to stay on the “pregnancy diet” prescribed by the method I teach. I’m eating like a pregnant woman and I’ve never been so healthy and I know that if I were to get a BFP tomorrow I don’t even have to sweat my diet because I’m already there.

    So to the lady who wrote this… I realize you may think this is just the way things are, but I don’t really think you’re getting all you can out of your pregnancy.

  8. How ridiculous to tell women who are pregnant that they should not complain and just be thankful… Folks and their ‘think of all the unfortunate ones first’ syndrome. Why even comment on a thread like this? I mean you *know* there’s going to be women sharing their experiences on this particular topic. My fiance lost his first son, and I promise you he is not forgotten. My step-son knows he has a big brother in heaven, as well as a baby brother at his mommy’s house and a brother at our house. I am pretty sure all the women here are happy and thankful for their babies, but it’s not an easy ride by any means.


    I went from zero kids to having my step-son move in with me a month before the baby was born. Talk about a culture shock. I went from working 50 hours a week, not a worry in the world, spur-of-the-moment outings to being a stay-at-home mom. Step-son is 5 now, my own son is 22 months.. and number 3 is on the way. SURPRISE! Oh yes I’ve been miserable.. Although it’s easing up some now. I have gotten to the point that I just don’t care if the house looks like a war zone. Kids still alive? Yes. Fed? Yup. Dressed? Somewhat… ALRIGHT! We’re doing good. They’re happy little guys though, and that’s all that matters. I don’t think any kid grows up remembering how clean the house was. 5 year old is super excited, 22 month old has not a clue..

    There have been days I question myself as to what the heck we were thinking going for number three. Hoping to God it’ll be a boy, just so we can hand the clothes down to the little one.

    Definitely the last one. No question about it! I’m sure at some point I will be glad I had them fairly close together.

    • JANICE says:

      I wouldn’t think this article is negative though I haven’t read it but I do understand why people would comment about being grateful. My first son came after 3 miscarriages. I got pregnant again when he was about one year old. The 5th pregnancy was very hard which I imagine was mentioned in this article. But it ended when my water broke at 19 weeks. i wished I hadn’t said/thought what I said/thought when I carried my little angel girl. I wished I was more grateful than I should have.
      (I didn’t read this article but I read the comments because I do think this topic is somewhat sensitive to unlucky women like myself and I am curious what kind of feedback it would get. )

    • shallyn says:

      Not only am I pregnant I have been on bed rest for most of my pregnancy. I was also told I would never have the chance to become pregnant. I guess this is a difference of opinion. Yes I’m thankful for what I have and I’m sorry that you have to complain about having three children. No ever said it was easy!!!!

  9. I didn’t find this article negative at all. In fact, I i agree with almost everything she said. I too have toddler running around so its harder for me to get rest my body hurts ALL the time n i really haven’t been focused on this pregnancy like i was with my firstborn. Its definitely a totally different experience!

  10. shallyn says:

    What a NEGATIVE article!! This is discouraging the first time mothers or women who can’t get pregnant. Be happy for what you have rather than complaining about it.

  11. michelle says:

    I had my first daughter that was also my 3rd child in late Feb . And as the distance between my second was almost six years so I truly enjoyed it , I agree there is alot to be said for the nausea and fatigue etc but i have learned from one of my very best friends that has nearly died trying to devote her body and her life to having a second child much less third and so on . I believe it is a bond most precious and I miss that experience myself it is a time you will never be able to get back please find the silver linings and love it it is way beyond worth it y’all!!!!

  12. andrea says:

    Be happy you have a 2nd pregnancy, some of the women on here have angels in heaven, unable to enjoy a 2nd pregnancy because of fears of another miscarriage.

  13. holly says:

    I had the worst first pregnancy! I got Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which had me hooked up to an IV my entire pregnancy and bed rest. That means no food ladies at all!!! It was a test of will power let me tell you. My second was actually my easy one. I would have to go with my third being the worst over all as far as pregnancy goes; eventhough my first was so difficult (maybe it is that I just don’t remember the agony of it all). My last pregnancy, which is my third child, was torcher. I was sick well into my second trimester. My stomach would not digest my food that I would eat during the day and every night I would throw up everything I had ate that day. I started showing in my first trimester, yay! I got pinched nerves very early in my second trimester, my belly button popped out, got stretch marks that I had never had before and my stomach was huge! The worst part was waiting for it all to be over. When you get to the third you know what to expect and it is all just a waiting game. I love the result of pregnancy, but I absolutely hate the pregnancy process. In response to Member’s commet, Pregnancy is a gift to those of us that can get pregnant, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes being pregnant or that it is easy for everyone. Let the women here vent without judgement, being pregnant is hard work and takes it toll on our bodies. We are all well aware that their are women that can not get pregnant.

  14. Member says:

    Everyone who is comiserating about their prego symptoms should remember to be thankful that they are pregnant. There are so many women in this world who would love to be in your position and can’t get there. Just remember that!!

  15. gfeld says:

    I did not have progesterone issues with my first but all the other pregnancies I did and so I definitely felt sicker because of the oral progesterone pills. I was more fit with my first pregnancy vs the others. I also feel my baby is lower than the other pregnancies which puts a lot more pressure on my pelvic bone. Lastly, my veins are getting worse with every pregnancy. So yeah, it aint getting any easier!

  16. Samala says:

    Who said the first one was fun? Lol.

  17. sayhola says:

    I think I’d have to agree – for me, I’m “feeling pregnant” much earlier. I’m 29 weeks, and feel very tight and uncomfortable, like I did in the 8th and 9th months, and am not sure why I feel so…. ugh… so early. Also, I’m so tired of the question: “How are you feeling?” I know people are just being courteous, but how the heck do you answer that? With a relatively typical, normal, uneventful pregnancy, with all the typical aches and pains (that really aren’t THAT bad) how do you keep answering this question over and over and over… “Just fine.” GMAB.

  18. Angela says:

    With my third pregnancy, we didn’t find out until we were 15 weeks as my cycles were very irregular. I was thankful because we had experienced a miscarriage with my second pregnancy and within a week of telling our families our happy news, we had to turn around and share our loss. I made a vow to myself that if we were to get pregnant again, that we would not share the news until I hit the 2nd trimester. It was just too difficult to go through all of that. I have a 16 year old son and a 10 year old daughter and didn’t really experience any pregnancy symptoms until I was able to feel them. 10 years later, we find ourselves expecting our 3rd child…completely unexpected. We had discussed that at this point with both our other children being older, that we were content. Apparently the man upstairs had other plans for us… I panicked when I found out we were expecting. This time around, I had very early symptoms and had a feeling that I was trying to deny. I am now into my 2nd trimester and this little guy is giving me a run for the money. I’m not sure if it’s this actual pregnancy or if it is that my body has been through so much since the birth of our daughter (severe anemia, gastric bypass and 2 back surgeries). This is a whole new roller coaster for me and while I can understand how some may not enjoy their 2nd pregnancy, I find that although I get sick, am always tired, have huge, tender “girls” that I’m carrying around, not to mention I already feel that my insides are moving all around…I’m enjoying this pregnancy probably more than the others. Isn’t it strange how we feel differently about things even when we are going through a rough time.

  19. Bethany says:

    Totally agree with this! It’s also not as much fun because you don’t get spoiled as much with presents like you did the first time around. You do spend less because you still have the gear, but there aren’t baby showers like the first time around.

  20. Angela says:

    I certainly do hate my second pregnancy more than my first! I’m more achy, was sick longer, and I don’t get to rest as much as I did the first time since I have a toddler to look after.

  21. Phammom says:

    Only on my first. Good to know. Being prepared is helpful.


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